Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Getting Started In Books

What are some good summer books? How can I find them? Where can I go? What are good places to read them? Glad you ask. See my perspective is quite different froms yours. To me I can't tell you what are good summer books because YOU have to find what you are interested in. It could could be graphic novels, novels, mystery, fiction, or non-fiction. Research what YOU like and do what best fits you. How you can find them can be easy and tricky because some books stores MIGHT not have what you like. Ask them "hey I was wondering what are some good novels or thrillers that you can suggest to me", or explore and go out and find what you like. Going to a library can also be good because you can ask your librarian to help you. Another thing if you liked a book or dislike it and you want to try others go to your library IF they have that book, it also save money. You can also save nickels, pennies, dimes, and quarters to help buy the book, trust me you would be amazed at the outcome if you just SAVE. Now sometimes I don't borrow books at the library because they might not have it. Borrow books from friends or buy a eBook version on Amazon Kindle, Nook, iBook, Play Books books and more, because they are cheaper and they might have samples to the book you like or sales. I know what your thinking what if I don't have a tablet, ereader, or a phone. Ask your parents to use there's or look up reviews on it on smart TVs, GoodReads, bloggers, or YouTube, but never stop until you find what you want because that takes hard work and determination (*hint also try Amazon).Oh I almost forgot where's a place I read, I like to read my books in my room, outside on a cool day, or in the sunroom. There's alot of noise and chaos but I try to go where there is peace and quite so  I can concentrate on the books. If your like me and have siblings or cousins that make noise you try to run away but the noise never stops go somewhere they least expect it. Lock the bathroom door sit down on the mat and read.😄


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