Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Where Going On An Adventure

         Come on. Let's go. Come with me as we use the .......... "Phantom Tollbooth"

Book- The Phantom Tollbooth 
Author- Norton Juster
Average Ratings- 4.2/5 (Goodreads)
Year Realeased- 1961
Chapters- 20
Pages- 256

So like many others I have read The Phantom Tollbooth it it's was amazing. If your someone that LOVES adventure, time traveling, and supprises this is a good book. I first heard if this book when our teacher assigned it to us to read as a class and we took turns reading it. At first I didn't want to read it but as I listened I really enjoyed it. The class would groan because the book was so good no one wanted to put it down. It all starts out as a boy Milo having nothing to do kind of like some of us over summer break. Then he discovers "The Phantom Tollbooth". As he embarks on his journey he visits The Island Of Conclusion and meets a dog named "Tock". He then travels to Rhyme and Reason and tries to stop a war between the two brothers dealing with words and numbers. (*Stop here if you don't want any spoilers). 

As Milo set off he meets a King named Azaz. The King gave Milo a task to find The two princess Rhyme and Reason who are in The Castle In The Air. The king sends "Humbug" to help Milo and Tock. On there way to Digitopolis they meet Alec Blings. They proceed on there journey and go to Reality and Illusions and meet Chroma and they see is symphony and witness his wonders for colors. Exhausted as Milo was he continues on and goes to The Valley Of Sound. He then meets Dischord a fake doctor who treats no noise (and/or) sound. The Soundkeeper explains he took away sound and gave it to Discord and Dynne because they were ungrateful and were not appreciative to him. Milo then steals the sound to help break out the sound vault and takes a detour to the Island Of Conclusion and swim back to The Sea Of Knowledge and find themselves at Digitopolis meeting a guy with twelve faces named Dodecahedron. Then he gives them a tour through The Number Mine to meet The Mathmagician. Milo tricks The Mathematician into letting the princesses go. Milo, Tock, and Humbug are terrified of demons they will incounter to reach The Mountain Of Ignorance to reach The Castle In The Air and then meet The Everpresent Wordsnatcher, Demon Of Insincerity who tries to trick them and Senses Taker which are all demons. Making his way pass all of them they find The princess and are amazed that Azaz and Mathmagician had reasoned to let them go. They All (Azaz and Mathmagician ) welcome the two princesses back.

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