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Dystopian World

              My first ever dystopian book and I loved it. It reminds me of Harry Potter and The Hunger Games together. Ms. Erica and Mr.Aron did wonderful together by writing this amazing piece of fiction. If you haven't yet please buy a copy and read it for yourself.

                                               Whisperworld by Erica Lindquist

                                                Author- Aron Christensen & Erica Lindquist
                                                Title- Whisperworld
                                                Ratings-4.29/5 (Goodreads)
                                                My Rating-4.9/5

                                  Synopsis- Sandstorms have ravaged the earth, and dark, mysterious Stormspheres protect the few remaining cities. While Gardeners tend the precious spheres, their Blackthumbs maintain the peace. But for Blackthumb Julia Reed and her partner Zach Dias, Angel City's peace has shattered. Someone's murdered a Gardener, and the Blackthumbs' search for his killer takes them from Angel City's crumbling skyscrapers to the salt flats of the Pacific Desert. But what they find out there goes far beyond a simple murder. All across the world, the Stormspheres are failing and the cities are falling. Julia and Zach may have just discovered why. They can save Angel City – but first they have to save themselves.



                                 Summary-Julia and Zach are Blackthumbs who are kind of police agents. I loved this story because it showed a passion from Julia and I like. It shows she's hardcore but she has a soft side to her life. In the beginning of the book it made me sad to see that (SPOILER ALERT) that they could have more than 2 children in a household family.


                                      It was a amazing twist that I enjoyed and it got very suspenseful. I was on the tip of my toes scared to see what was waiting to happen next. For my first time reading a dystopian book I really enjoyed the experience. It reminded me of of Harry Potter because of Greenguards. I would love to see a sequel to the book.  


                                     The author style of writing was a (5/5) it was just like a episode of "Pretty Little Liars".(WARNING FOR SOME VIEWERS DON'T READ AFTER DARK) The characters were very lively and not dull. I'm not giving to much spoilers but it was a story that I cannot forget. This shows love, and not to be afraid for who you are and what you do. Many young teens and adult should reads this book to be bold, be you, and be yourself. This story was touching to me in my heart and I actually teared up. Read this book it will open up your eyes to life and beauty. Don't read any reviews on Goodreads until you picked it up. 

                                   Book cover was a (5/5). I love the aspect of the moon on the cover. The message of the story was memorable and I would share it to my peers, friends, and colleagues. I like the friendship between the characters because they were very close and shared a good chemistry between one another. I would reread this book in the near future and discuss this in my book-club. 

                                                                                         Q & A With Ms. Erica

What was your inspiration on the book?
Tried and trite but true: a dream. It's not a common inspiration for me, but in this case, it was actually an honest to goodness dream I had in college. I dreamed of being a caretaker for this huge, eerie black sphere. I knew there was something inside, but I didn't know what it was.
I had this dream many years before I ever wrote my first book. It stuck with me for a long time and went through many incarnations. Before I started writing, I briefly considered making it into a RPG video game. Eventually, it took on its current form.

How long did it take to write?
That's a sort of complicated question. I started Whisperworld TWICE before Aron and I hammered out the draft that we eventually published. Originally, Julia was a little girl in the care of the Gardeners (who were called something else) who suddenly manifested psychic power when an assassin burst into her home and murdered Byron, her adoptive father. There was a male Whitefinger (then called Nomads) named David and an aged thief by the name of Thaddeus.
But both versions of the book just were not working, so I scrapped them. Annoyed, I wondered if I would EVER get this book done. It wasn't until the third time around, when we remained Julia as basically a cop and invented Zach, her partner, that the story finally gelled enough to write the whole thing.

Was it difficult writing this book?
Yes and no. The failed attempts were pretty frustrating. But once we got this version off the ground, it was a breeze. Of course, I may be saying that because Aron wrote the first draft on Whisperworld. This was my first time being the coauthor on a project.

Where did you get your ideas from?
We took a lot of inspiration from books like Dreamsnake, The Dark Tower, The Stand, the Priest manga and other post-apocalyptic books.

Was it easy to write your book with Mr. Aron?
It was wonderful. As I said before, this was our first time writing a book in which Aron wrote the first draft. I came in behind him to clean up, reorganize dialog and rewrite prose.
Aron is a writing machine, we discovered. He wrote the entire first draft of Whisperworld in 15 days. It took me a considerably longer time to make my alterations. But it was a ton of fun.

Have you written other books?
Yes! Whisperworld is our 11th book. We've written 5 novels now (In the House of Five Dragons, The Reforged Trilogy & Whisperworld), 2 non-fiction guides to running table-top RPGs, a 3-book series of an occult noir serial (The Dead Beat) and one short story collection (Forged – it fits into the Reforged books). There were also a pair of other short story collections (Fireflies & In Odder Words), but those are out of print now.

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Sarah Dessen

                                      A new day. A new place. A new life. Come along with me as I read my first ever Sarah Dessen book.

Author-Sarah Dessen
Title-What Happened To Goodbye
My Rating-3.5/5
Genre-Fiction ; High School
Format- Paperback

Synopsis- Since her parents' bitter divorce, McLean and her dad, a restaurant consultant, have been on the move-four towns in two years. Estranged from her mother and her mother's new family, McLean has followed her dad in leaving the unhappy past behind. And each new place gives her a chance to try out a new persona: from cheerleader to drama diva. But now, for the first time, McLean discovers a desire to stay in one place and just be herself, whoever that is. Perhaps Dave, the guy next door, can help her find out. 

Combining Sarah Dessen's trademark graceful writing, great characters, and compelling storytelling, What Happened to Goodbyeis irresistible reading.(Goodreads)

                                                               I like this book because it is remarkable. It shows its hard when you move often. McLean could have been a stronger character because of what she had been through. She also it change her personally because of where she live. How will us (readers) know which personality is which. You.can learn from this book because it shows you can be yourself and don't change anything about you to impress or fit in with the crowd. Allot of teens, young adults, and adults might have hard times in life but remember to always stay true to yourself and you can always overcome various obstacles no matter how big or small they are.

                                                               Other than that I really like it. Good book to read on the beach you can enjoy. I didn't like the relationship with her and her mom but no everything in life is perfect. Beautiful writing style (4/5) and the synopsis was interesting. I would recommended this book to "Middle School" teens and "High School" teens.

                                                                I could relate to Mc.Lean because I know how hard it is to adjust to a new lifestyle you really haven`t been comfortable. Another thing that I like is the author made her slowly come out of her shell and experience new things that has never really been presented to her. It showed her father was also a workaholic which is very realistic. However, there could have been a little bit close and had more chemistry.

                                                                I like the romance between the two characters because Mc.Lean is a very cocky person and doesn't have allot of faith in herself or anything she does. Bravo Ms. Sarah and I cannot wait to do other reviews on you book. The cover (4/5), writing style (3.5/5) .

                                                           Order A Copy Here

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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Roll Models

     In this heartwarming novel by Ms. Rebecca Qualls explains that everyone goes through struggles in life and that we can overcome them. The first couple of pages where good, I could hardly put it down.

Author- Rebecca Qualls
Year Release-2013
Ratings- 4.75/5 (Goodreads)
My Ratings-4/5

Summary- Officer Driscoll Parks is facing many obstacles in life such as his career and his marriage.  His wife Alex tries her very hardest to try and save there marriage by reaching out and settling there difference, but its very hard because of Driscoll's stubbornness. 

Officer Driscoll has a lot of things on his mind and plate.  He tries to bundle up all his emotion by hiding his pain and keeping everything to himself. His wife Alex tries very hard in her ability to be supportive, be understanding, and be caring. 

I can relate to Officer Driscoll because, I myself don't always like opening up and telling how I really feel. I tend to put a smile on my face and act like everything is peachy and fine. What I like about this book is that it includes reality and shows we are not perfect. 

As humans, we do make mistakes and just because you ask for help doesn't make you weak at all. Its never easy hiding you emotions because your not being 100% true to yourself or the person that wants you to open up to them.

As a police officer Driscoll has seen very traumatic things in his life and I can understand the nightmares and not everyone can stomach that. However, I didn't like that Driscoll was lying to himself and to his wife (but that is reality) Cheers to you Ms. Rebecca because I loved this book and I will recommend it to friends of mine.

I really felt life in this book and I learned a lot from this book that was wise and a good way to learn. I didn't know much about PTSD if it wasn't for you ( Ms. Rebecca) and I am happy to hear your husband wasn't alone. There are many people afraid of doing what you and your husband did and I think that his roll model material and you for opening up and sharing his story.

If you want to order the book

The authors website/ more about the book

Picture of the author


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Twilight Oh Twilight (Book Based On a Movie #3

           Omg I was so happy to read Twilight scene I watched all of the movies and loved them. Stephanie Meyers did an amazing job on this "Saga" and I cannot wait to read the rest of the Saga. I enjoy reading about werewolves and vampires so this was the book for me.

                                                   Author- Stephenie Meyers
                                                   Title- Twilight                                              
                                                   Year Released-2005
                                                    Ratings-4.5/5 (Barnes And Nobles)
                                                    My Ratings-4/5
                                                     Format- Paperback

                         Summary- In this romantic novel written by Stephine Meyers she describes a teenage love story and how they are connected. Bella Swan moved back to Forks to live with her father Charlie Swan the chief of police. She then reconnects with her old friend Jacob Black and his father. Charlie shows Bella the truck that he buys her as for her homecoming present. Bella's character is a quiet and awkward teen. As Bella starts her first day of Forks High School she sits beside a boy Edward Collins in biology class but the next day she notices he is gone from school. As Bella adjusts herself she makes a few friends at Forks and don't mind her awkward personality.    

                Bella now sees that Edward came back to school and later on in the day as Bella waits by her truck and car was inches away from hitting Bella, Edward saved her by using his body to protect her from getting hurt. Puzzled at what took place Bella doesn't know how Edward saved her from the accident, but he doesn't share his secret to his power. Bella accompanies her friends and visits La Push and finds Jacob there.

               Interested to find more about what Edward is Bella beings doing online research about "vampires". Bella again accompanies her friends to Port Angeles and is searching for a bookstore. Alone in an alley thugs almost attack Bella but Edward is there and helps saves her from them. He then takes her out to dinner and drives her home telling her that indeed he is a "vampire".

                  Edward begins telling Bella that he doesn't want to be a monster and he is dangerous and wouldn't want to harm her in any way.Nearby a meadow Edward shows Bella what happens to skin when hes under the sunlight. Edward invites Bella to meet his family and learns more about vampires.

                       Want to know where there relationship will go after this. Well you have to read the book and find out more about what takes place in the book. Read this book if you liked the movie or enjoy Stephine Meyers work. Remember to read the book before you watch the movie, and as always here are some links to more about the book and author.

                                                 Order a copy here

                                                   More about the book.
                                                     About the author
                                                      Stephenie Meyers

                                                    About the movie

                                                     Pictures from the movie
                                 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED TO THE RESPECTFUL OWNERS

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Grandparents Day

I just love spending time with my grandparents having a blast and know so much more about them that I didn't know about. I love visiting them and them coming to see me. Going fishing, camping, and just having a picnic.

                                            Author- Tina Marie Kaht
                                            Title- Grandparent's Day
                                            Art by- Valeria Avantario
                                            Year Released- 2014
                                             Chapter's- None
                                             My Rating-4/5
                                             Format- Paperback

Summary- In another book written by Ms. Tina herself she describes the unconditional love grandparents have for there granddaughter. This is a good children's book to teach you children about loving and caring for family member's to help them as they once did you when you were a baby and couldn't do much for yourself. This reminds me of the time my older sister and I use to visits our Step Grandfather and have memories we shared while we would see him. I applaud you Ms. Tina for this well written book. It shows how memories are made and how love is shared. Parents and children make memories while you can with the people who love and care for you.  


Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

  •     Mark Twain is one of my favorite authors. I suppose you know the story of Tom Sawyer. Well if you haven't read the story, Mark Twain's writing is breathtaking and exciting. Come with me as we meet the courageous Tom on his adventures.

                                                            Author- Mark Twain
                                                            Title- The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer
                                                            Year Release- 1876
                                                             Rating-4/5 (Goodreads)                                                                                                               Chapters-20
                                                             My Rating-5/5
                                                             Genre- Children's Literature
                                                              Format- Paperback

                  Summary- Tom Sawyer is a very mischievous and courageous character. He sets of to do the wildest thing. His characters humor is amazing. He shows how to have fun and just being a kid. He using his scene of humor to annoy people and get there attention. I love his character because it shows his boldness and his creative imagination. In the story Tom lives with his Aunt Polly and she knew Tom was very sneaky, conniving, and up to no good. For that, Tom found himself doing many chores for his bad behavior. Tom tries to trick Aunt Polly to letting him not go to school by whining about a lose tooth but she uses a sing and pulls it out.

       On his way to school Tom meets Huckleberry Finn the son of the towns drunkard and shows Tom one of his tricks. When Tom finally arrived for school he being flirting with one of his crushes Becky and tries to get her attention. During class Tom gets distracted by a tick in class and so does his best friend Joe Harper. Mr. Dobins the teachers, watches the two boys off tasks and Tom then feels a smack with one of hickory twigs. Tom later pleads to Becky and asks for a kiss and she give into it. He beings to tell her that they can walk to school and go to parties with one another and are now engaged. Tom makes a sad mistake and beings to tell Becky about one of his past relationships and Becky now upset at Tom beings sobbing.

          Tom does everything to comfort her but it already late and she would talk to him, until she realizes what shes done and regrets everything she does. Tom runs as fast as he could and hears towards a graveyard and sees Huck himself and agree to meet each other again, so Tom sneaks out by hearing Huck's signal (a meow). Later on in the night both boys see shadowy figures in the graveyard where they were before. Both clueless and puzzled about what is happening. They then they begin to see the two men fighting and Injun Joe frames Potter. Tom and Huck try to leave quickly and flee from the scene, and then the two write a oath sworn with there blood to try and figure out what the whole commotion was about that night. Huck climbs into Tom's room window and sees the gift that he gave Becky (the door knob).

             Within minutes Injun Joe tells the sheriff that Muff Potter stabbed a doctor in a drunken rage last night when Tom snuck out to see Huck. This begin to Make Aunt Polly think that Tom had nightmares about the murder and what took place there.    

           Sound suspenseful to you all well no spoilers on this review. If you like the book so far pick up a copy and read it yourself. This is another book that got me to read more and that's why my passion has grown so much. I will also do a review on "The Adventures OF Huckleberry Finn". Sorry if I disappointing some viewers by not telling everything but I really would like anyone to read this book and share a comment why you like the book and what was your favorite part about the book. For more information on the books there will be links down below

                                                       Mark Twain

                                                     Order a copy here

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Children's Book Review

   Come along into a dress up world flit with fun and excitement. Are your children highly imaginative and flit with fun and excitement. Well this is the book for them.

Author- Tina Marie Kaht
Art By- Hatice Bayramoglu
Title- Dress Up Day
Year Released-2014
Rating-4/5 (Goodreads)
Chapters- N/A
Genre- Children's Fiction
My Rating- 4/5
Format- Paperback

Summary- In this children's fiction Tina describes a very playful and imaginative child showing and indicting to the audience what she wants to be. She choses several careers such as lawyer, doctor, fire fighter and a construction worker. These careers are very exciting to sit back and snuggle in your child/ sibling and read them a cozy book before bed time

Tina Marie Kaht writes this cute, fun, and amazing kids books to show how kids intelligent grow as they decide what they would like to be in life. The main characters witty personality makes her so amusing because of the different things she want's to be in life. On the 29 of July was my little sisters birthday and the night of that same day she got a new outfit and was dressing up with all theses different costumes on strutting and saying "I'm a princess" and "I'm a rock star". Which I think the main character describes her personality a lot. I like the fact that this book I educational by showing many wonderful careers out there that anyone can be.

I also like the scene of using rhyming words to make a poem out of a book. The illustrator Hatice Bayramoglu uses a good scene of style and color to her art work that my sister (Shannon) adore. She was immediately drawn to the things that she wanted to be like a fire fighter, princess, and a rock star. This is such a good book to give to young readers in elementary school to show that its never to early to pick what you want to be even though they might change up there minds but it shows they want something successful in life one day.

More about the book

Order a copy here