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The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer

  •     Mark Twain is one of my favorite authors. I suppose you know the story of Tom Sawyer. Well if you haven't read the story, Mark Twain's writing is breathtaking and exciting. Come with me as we meet the courageous Tom on his adventures.

                                                            Author- Mark Twain
                                                            Title- The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer
                                                            Year Release- 1876
                                                             Rating-4/5 (Goodreads)                                                                                                               Chapters-20
                                                             My Rating-5/5
                                                             Genre- Children's Literature
                                                              Format- Paperback

                  Summary- Tom Sawyer is a very mischievous and courageous character. He sets of to do the wildest thing. His characters humor is amazing. He shows how to have fun and just being a kid. He using his scene of humor to annoy people and get there attention. I love his character because it shows his boldness and his creative imagination. In the story Tom lives with his Aunt Polly and she knew Tom was very sneaky, conniving, and up to no good. For that, Tom found himself doing many chores for his bad behavior. Tom tries to trick Aunt Polly to letting him not go to school by whining about a lose tooth but she uses a sing and pulls it out.

       On his way to school Tom meets Huckleberry Finn the son of the towns drunkard and shows Tom one of his tricks. When Tom finally arrived for school he being flirting with one of his crushes Becky and tries to get her attention. During class Tom gets distracted by a tick in class and so does his best friend Joe Harper. Mr. Dobins the teachers, watches the two boys off tasks and Tom then feels a smack with one of hickory twigs. Tom later pleads to Becky and asks for a kiss and she give into it. He beings to tell her that they can walk to school and go to parties with one another and are now engaged. Tom makes a sad mistake and beings to tell Becky about one of his past relationships and Becky now upset at Tom beings sobbing.

          Tom does everything to comfort her but it already late and she would talk to him, until she realizes what shes done and regrets everything she does. Tom runs as fast as he could and hears towards a graveyard and sees Huck himself and agree to meet each other again, so Tom sneaks out by hearing Huck's signal (a meow). Later on in the night both boys see shadowy figures in the graveyard where they were before. Both clueless and puzzled about what is happening. They then they begin to see the two men fighting and Injun Joe frames Potter. Tom and Huck try to leave quickly and flee from the scene, and then the two write a oath sworn with there blood to try and figure out what the whole commotion was about that night. Huck climbs into Tom's room window and sees the gift that he gave Becky (the door knob).

             Within minutes Injun Joe tells the sheriff that Muff Potter stabbed a doctor in a drunken rage last night when Tom snuck out to see Huck. This begin to Make Aunt Polly think that Tom had nightmares about the murder and what took place there.    

           Sound suspenseful to you all well no spoilers on this review. If you like the book so far pick up a copy and read it yourself. This is another book that got me to read more and that's why my passion has grown so much. I will also do a review on "The Adventures OF Huckleberry Finn". Sorry if I disappointing some viewers by not telling everything but I really would like anyone to read this book and share a comment why you like the book and what was your favorite part about the book. For more information on the books there will be links down below

                                                       Mark Twain

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