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Twilight Oh Twilight (Book Based On a Movie #3

           Omg I was so happy to read Twilight scene I watched all of the movies and loved them. Stephanie Meyers did an amazing job on this "Saga" and I cannot wait to read the rest of the Saga. I enjoy reading about werewolves and vampires so this was the book for me.

                                                   Author- Stephenie Meyers
                                                   Title- Twilight                                              
                                                   Year Released-2005
                                                    Ratings-4.5/5 (Barnes And Nobles)
                                                    My Ratings-4/5
                                                     Format- Paperback

                         Summary- In this romantic novel written by Stephine Meyers she describes a teenage love story and how they are connected. Bella Swan moved back to Forks to live with her father Charlie Swan the chief of police. She then reconnects with her old friend Jacob Black and his father. Charlie shows Bella the truck that he buys her as for her homecoming present. Bella's character is a quiet and awkward teen. As Bella starts her first day of Forks High School she sits beside a boy Edward Collins in biology class but the next day she notices he is gone from school. As Bella adjusts herself she makes a few friends at Forks and don't mind her awkward personality.    

                Bella now sees that Edward came back to school and later on in the day as Bella waits by her truck and car was inches away from hitting Bella, Edward saved her by using his body to protect her from getting hurt. Puzzled at what took place Bella doesn't know how Edward saved her from the accident, but he doesn't share his secret to his power. Bella accompanies her friends and visits La Push and finds Jacob there.

               Interested to find more about what Edward is Bella beings doing online research about "vampires". Bella again accompanies her friends to Port Angeles and is searching for a bookstore. Alone in an alley thugs almost attack Bella but Edward is there and helps saves her from them. He then takes her out to dinner and drives her home telling her that indeed he is a "vampire".

                  Edward begins telling Bella that he doesn't want to be a monster and he is dangerous and wouldn't want to harm her in any way.Nearby a meadow Edward shows Bella what happens to skin when hes under the sunlight. Edward invites Bella to meet his family and learns more about vampires.

                       Want to know where there relationship will go after this. Well you have to read the book and find out more about what takes place in the book. Read this book if you liked the movie or enjoy Stephine Meyers work. Remember to read the book before you watch the movie, and as always here are some links to more about the book and author.

                                                 Order a copy here

                                                   More about the book.
                                                     About the author
                                                      Stephenie Meyers

                                                    About the movie

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