Monday, September 29, 2014

Ghosting By Edith Pattou

                    Do you like poems and poetry. Well is the book for you.

                                                                Title- Ghosting
                                                                Author- Edith Pattou
                                                                Year-© 2014
                                                                Rating-4/5 (GoodReads)
                                                                My Review-3.9/5
                                                                Genre- Poetry     

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                            "About The Book"

         On a hot summer night in a Midwestern town, a high school teenage prank goes horrifically awry. Alcohol, guns, and a dare. Within minutes, as events collide, innocents becomes victims—with tragic outcomes altering lives forever, a grisly and unfortunate scenario all too familiar from current real-life headlines.

                                "My Review"

          Over all this was a good book. It was something I have never read before. The book was basically telling a story which is poetry but kept going adding suspense. Wonderful read. Check it out and read it for yourself. I loved the cover (4/5).

          The author is very talented and had a good inspiration for writing this book. I recommend this book to middle and high school teens. When I first got the book I thought it was about different sorts of poems put into one. It was really a shocker for me and I am just lost for words.
       This book had a good moral to it, and it good valuable lessons in it. BRAVO!!!!! Teens read this book because sometimes you can take things to far and really mess up a persons life by reckless thing and actions that you do or what took place.


                                                                   The Author
                                                                 Ms. Edith Pattou


Friday, September 26, 2014

Sons of Sparta

                      Another book that I am going to review. EEEPPPP. So excited.


                                              Author: Jeffrey Siger
                                              Publisher: Poisoned Pen Press
                                              Format: paperback
                                              Publication Date: 2014
                                              ISBN: 1464203164
                                              GTIN: 09781464203169

Did the warriors of ancient Sparta simply vanish without a trace along with their city, or did they find sanctuary at the tip of the mountainous Peloponnese? That stark, unforgiving region's roots today run deep with a history of pirates, highwaymen, and neighbors ferociously repelling any foreigner foolishly bent on occupying this part of Greece. Less well recorded are the Mani's families' strict code of honor and their history of endless vendettas with neighbors and with their own relatives. 

No wonder their farms look like fortresses._x000D_ When Special Crimes Division Detective Yiannis Kouros is summoned from Athens to the Mani by his uncle, Kouros fears his loyalty to his boss, Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis, is about be to be tested by family pressure on the detective to act in some new vendetta, for this uncle once headed the Mani's most significant criminal enterprise. Instead, Kouros learns the family is about to become rich through the sale of its property --until the uncle is killed, and thus the deal. Acting swiftly to head off a new cycle of violence, Kouros satisfactorily solves the murder. 

Or so it seems until, back in Athens, Kaldis' probe into deeply entrenched government corruption leads straight back to the Mani. Both cops now confront a host of unexpected twists, unanticipated players, unanswered questions --and people yet to die.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

September Book Haul

So for this month of September I have gotten quite a few books that are very amazing I cannot wait to read. My apologize of my reviews are coming so slow. (School work) BOO !!!!!!!!!! Its not gonna stop me from blogging so everything might be a little jumbled around.


Val Wang: Beijing Bastard 

Cassandra Clare: City Of Bones

Stephanie Meyer: New Moon

Edith Pattou: Ghosting

Zoey Dean: Back In Black

Rebecca Scherm: Unbecoming

Dead FloatWarren C. Easley: Dead Float


                          So here are the book that I have gotten for the month of September so far. Maybe if I have more money I can finish up some series of book that only have one or two to my collection. Hows the new look on my blog is it exciting enough. Please tell me. Also anyone who is out there reading my blog again special thanks to you all. Additional information is down below. :)

Dead Float-Poisoned Pen Press|Amazon|Goodreads|
(Excerpt Coming Soon)

(Excerpt Coming Soon)

Back In Black-Amazon|Goodreads
(Excerpt Coming Soon)

(Excerpt Coming Soon)

New Moon-Amazon|Goodreads
(Excerpt Coming Soon)

City Of Bones-Amazon|Goodreads
(Excerpt Coming Soon)

Beijing Bastard-Amazon|Goodreads
(Excerpt Coming Soon)

The Edison Effect-Poisoned Pen Press|Amazon|Goodreads

Sons Of Sparta-Poisoned Pen Press|Amazon|Goodreads
(Excerpt Coming Soon)

Mating For Life-Amazon|Goodreads
(Excerpt Coming Soon)

Death In The Dolomites-Poisoned Pen Press|Amazon|Goodreads
(Excerpt Coming Soon)

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Edison's Effect

                      My first every mystery- science fiction and it wasn't bad. It was FANTASTIC. Ms. Bernadette Pajer what an amazing author and now one of my favorite authors. I didn't know there were so many wonderful things about this book. I would like to read more by this author.

Title- The Edison Effect: A Professor Bradshaw Mystery
        Author: Bernadette Pajer
    Year: September 2014
              Rating: 4.11/5 (Goodreads
My Review:5/5
Format:Paperback (ARC)

Inventor Thomas Alva Edison is also a ruthless businessman, intent on furthering his patents and General Electric and beating rivals like Nikola Tesla and Westinghouse. Edison has agents in place in Seattle but he’s come himself in pursuit of a mysterious invention lost in 1901 in Elliott Bay. When Edison asks for information, few refuse. But not University of Washington Professor Benjamin Bradshaw who’s earned a reputation as a private investigator where science—electricity—is concerned. Bradshaw hopes that the lost device, one conceived in anger by an anarchist and harnessed for murder, will elude Edison’s hired divers. 


So in all Thomas Edison is accused of a muder that took place the morning of December 1903 (my birthday month). In this book there are so many twist and turns you don't know what to expect. 

I loved the storyline and it was quiet believable. I love Thomas Edison and how he was put into this story was amazing (5/5). It wasn't just an average story it was more than that. 

I could believe what the author was saying. It wasn't at all drag and over descriptive that I couldn't imagine the story myself. I love that she put in a little humor in the book and it kind a felt like many lifetime crime movies which was impeccable.

I would reread this again and encourage friends to give this a try. I love the synopsis of the story because I love Thomas Edison. He is a very brilliant man and I wish I (would/could) invent something like he has. The cover of the book is (5/5)

This writer has talent and if you didn't get a copy of this book do it now. It won't disappoint you one bit.

I recommend you read this book in October. Not a long book at all but it took me a while because of test and quizzes. It would really make my day to meet Ms. Bernadette.

I also like the little romance in the book which was between Missouri (one of my favorite characters ) and how she is a strong , hardworking lady.  

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Ms. Tiffany White, Ms. Bernadette, and Poisoned Pen Press Company.
Thanks for giving little old me the chance to read you book.

 I would love to work with you all in the future and I would like to do a q&a (question and answer) with the author if I'm not asking for to much :). Thanks to all eyes that read my review and I cannot explain how grateful I am

The Author
Ms. Bernadette Pajer

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Clique

This book review is going to be a little different . Today you will have two different perspectives of The Clique. Mine and Ms. Janet.


                                                Title: The Clique
                                                Author: Lisi Harrison    
                                                Ratings: 3.62/5 (Goodreads)
                                                Pages: 220
                                                My Review: (3/5)
                                                Genre: Fiction
                                                Format: Paperback

Enter to a world of the Clique- where the only thing harder than getting in is staying in .

Shanae's Review:

                    Claire Lyons and her family has moved into the Block's guest house. I like the story line of the book but it wasn't that believable it needed more suspense if you asked me. The characters were very petty and didn't act like teenagers. They acted like brats. The author is a wonderful author and I love her writing style but snotty rich girls life, I wasn't feeling it. It had a good moral "be yourself and everything will fall into place" which Claire didn't do. Massie and her friends were very mean and kind of unrealistic. The parents were pathetic and didn't have any discipline on Massie. Claire sneaking in to Massie's bedroom and breaking up there friendship which is the only suspense you'll get. So all together the story wasn't bad but needed something more. The movie was terrible. Worst acting and it's not what I imagined at all. Now at the end of the story everyone is bffs and everyone like each other. Yay!!!! No really. Massie reason for not like Claire was lame. So what if people don't like you. If I was Claire I wouldn't care about what people think of me and I would go out of my way to get there attention. 

Ms. Janet Review:

                     Too much drama. The plot was boring not much excitement. Too long and drain out. For a teenage read still to long. I give it a (4/10).  

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