Sunday, September 21, 2014

September Book Haul

So for this month of September I have gotten quite a few books that are very amazing I cannot wait to read. My apologize of my reviews are coming so slow. (School work) BOO !!!!!!!!!! Its not gonna stop me from blogging so everything might be a little jumbled around.


Val Wang: Beijing Bastard 

Cassandra Clare: City Of Bones

Stephanie Meyer: New Moon

Edith Pattou: Ghosting

Zoey Dean: Back In Black

Rebecca Scherm: Unbecoming

Dead FloatWarren C. Easley: Dead Float


                          So here are the book that I have gotten for the month of September so far. Maybe if I have more money I can finish up some series of book that only have one or two to my collection. Hows the new look on my blog is it exciting enough. Please tell me. Also anyone who is out there reading my blog again special thanks to you all. Additional information is down below. :)

Dead Float-Poisoned Pen Press|Amazon|Goodreads|
(Excerpt Coming Soon)

(Excerpt Coming Soon)

Back In Black-Amazon|Goodreads
(Excerpt Coming Soon)

(Excerpt Coming Soon)

New Moon-Amazon|Goodreads
(Excerpt Coming Soon)

City Of Bones-Amazon|Goodreads
(Excerpt Coming Soon)

Beijing Bastard-Amazon|Goodreads
(Excerpt Coming Soon)

The Edison Effect-Poisoned Pen Press|Amazon|Goodreads

Sons Of Sparta-Poisoned Pen Press|Amazon|Goodreads
(Excerpt Coming Soon)

Mating For Life-Amazon|Goodreads
(Excerpt Coming Soon)

Death In The Dolomites-Poisoned Pen Press|Amazon|Goodreads
(Excerpt Coming Soon)


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