Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Clique

This book review is going to be a little different . Today you will have two different perspectives of The Clique. Mine and Ms. Janet.


                                                Title: The Clique
                                                Author: Lisi Harrison    
                                                Ratings: 3.62/5 (Goodreads)
                                                Pages: 220
                                                My Review: (3/5)
                                                Genre: Fiction
                                                Format: Paperback

Enter to a world of the Clique- where the only thing harder than getting in is staying in .

Shanae's Review:

                    Claire Lyons and her family has moved into the Block's guest house. I like the story line of the book but it wasn't that believable it needed more suspense if you asked me. The characters were very petty and didn't act like teenagers. They acted like brats. The author is a wonderful author and I love her writing style but snotty rich girls life, I wasn't feeling it. It had a good moral "be yourself and everything will fall into place" which Claire didn't do. Massie and her friends were very mean and kind of unrealistic. The parents were pathetic and didn't have any discipline on Massie. Claire sneaking in to Massie's bedroom and breaking up there friendship which is the only suspense you'll get. So all together the story wasn't bad but needed something more. The movie was terrible. Worst acting and it's not what I imagined at all. Now at the end of the story everyone is bffs and everyone like each other. Yay!!!! No really. Massie reason for not like Claire was lame. So what if people don't like you. If I was Claire I wouldn't care about what people think of me and I would go out of my way to get there attention. 

Ms. Janet Review:

                     Too much drama. The plot was boring not much excitement. Too long and drain out. For a teenage read still to long. I give it a (4/10).  

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