Wednesday, October 22, 2014

New Changes in November

Hello my readers.

                                    So I will be doing some new changes to my blog for the month of November. As a early Christmas present/treat I will be posting book reviews for 30 days straight in a row. What? That's right you heard me correctly. As you know am a avid reader and what I am going to do is do all my assignments ahead of time so I will have time to read and stay active on my blog. Things that will be coming to my blog are "Blog Tours", "Excerpts", "Cover Reveals" and of course "Book Reviews". I am deciding to just read and have fun so my TBR will over stress me. So for the month of December is my birthday month and I will be posting reviews but its not a large amount. I think I am up for the challenge of 30 days because these books I read, am reading, or going to be read. I have also changed up the look because of the seasons and now that Thanksgiving is coming, I will be changing a few things around. I will also be adding books that will be coming to my blog soon so you will already know whats to come. Make sure you subscribe to my blog to get some wonderful book reviews I have planned. From now on at the beginning of each month (if there might be changes) I will be giving monthly news that will take place. I also might be posting more than on post(max.2). Don't worry I am not over stressed and I can take up the responsibility. Very excited for you to see what I have planned. EEEPP!!!!! Thanks to all my subscribers, publishers, readers, and audience for so much support and I have more than 1,000 page views. Whoa. A major milestone in my life and I could not be more thrilled.


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