Friday, October 31, 2014

Th Safe Land Rebels Book Review by Jill Williamson

Title:The Safe Land Rebels
Author: Jill Williamson
My Rating:(4/5)♧♧♧♧
Sources: Booksparks

              "ABOUT THE BOOK"

The Safe Lands have long kept the true meaning of Liberation secrets from their people. But after being sentenced to Liberation themselves, Mansion soon discover the truth. Levi watched has brothers public dredging and tries to hold out hope they are still alive. He is forced to focus his attention elsewhere, however, when his new wife, Jemma, is cultured and made the Safe Lands' newest Queen. His only choice to save Jemma may be to take up Omar's old role of undercover vigilante, leading the rebels in their quest to overthrow the government. But will Levi's new role be enough.

                       "MY REVIEW"

No words can be put into place in my mind but I will try. I found this story very adventurous, but I am upset at myself that didn't read the first 2 before reading the 3. So please read the first 2 and don't make the mistake I made. I love this trilogy and many dystopian readers might enjoy it as well. I haven't been exposed to this type of read but boy was I excited. I went into this book blind and not knowing what to expect. Its one of those books you gotta go into blind because it will really makes you think about what is happening, what is going to happen, and why it is happening. At first when I got the book I looked at it for several days not really wanting to read thinking I made a mistake.(I didn't). What an amazing and totally captivating read its my cup of tea. Rebels is a good book that I am going to reread and ask my fellow book club members to read it as well. Cover (4/5), author (4/5) synopsis (3.9/5).


Jill Williamson is a novelist, dreamer, and believer. Growing up in Alaska led to a love of books, and in 2010 her first novel, By Darkness Hid, won the Christy Award.


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