Saturday, November 8, 2014

Billy Christ by Michael Cameron

Title: Billy Christ
Author:Michael Cameron
My Rating:★★★★
Sources:The Other Publishing
Publishers:The Other Publishing

         "ABOUT THE BOOK"

There are worlds- our world, and Billy's: and when things get really bad in Billy's world he escapes to the secret clearing in the woods, near Butler's farm. Only here can Billy be his real self-watched over by the shadowy figures of his guardian angel's - imagining himself as the new messiah, happily making sacrifices to his God and cutting up road kill.

            "MY REVIEW"

This book is good. I enjoyed every second and it took me a while because I didn't want it to end. This book was a little thick but I managed it. Mr. Michael I really liked "Billy Christ". The book trailer was breath taking. Telling the truth I was a little scared, which doesn't happen a lot because I am a cautious person. Read this book when you are "Sitting Back And Getting Cozy". Get snacks. Put on you imagination hat, and have fun. Billy Christ was my favorite character. This book has a lot of dark, unthinkable details, you have to predict what might happen next. I had fun reading this which I can't say about some reads. Wonders will come your eyes and this is going to be reread in the future.✔

           "THE AUTHOR"

Michael Cameron was educated at Cambridge University, became a theatre direction, and later worked in television and radio drama.


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