Wednesday, November 12, 2014

♠♠Capacity For Murder by Beradette Pajer♠♠

Title:Capacity for Murder
Author:Bernadette Pager
My Rating:★★★★
Genre:Science Mystery
Sources:P.P Press
Publishers:P. P Press

                  "ABOUT THE BOOK"

              At the dawn of the 20th century, Healing Sands Sanitarium, southwest of Seattle, Washington, sits on the sandy doorsteps of the Pacific Ocean. Famed for its restorative rest cures, fermented diets, and Dr. Hornsby's electrotherapeutics, no one has ever died at Healing Sands. Until now.

           "MY REVIEW"

What can I say but Ms. Pager has never once disappointed me, at all. Her series of books are amazing, witty, and suspenseful. I love this book. This book is really a "Capacity For Murder". Professor Bradshaw never disappoints me. His outstanding brilliant mind makes me envious. I love his conclusions and his interrogations he makes. (Inside secret) I was a little scared about what will (happens/occurs). My favorite chapter would have to me 24. This description Ms. Pager writes makes me think outside the box and question whats going to happen next. This book reminds me of a episode of "Scobby Doo: Mystery Inc." Keep up your amazing work, and kudos  to this book. Readers what can I say but this author deserves all the awards she's gotten for her series. 


Bernadette Pajer is a Seattle native and graduate of the University of Washington, Bothhell.


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