Thursday, November 6, 2014

Dead Float by Warren C. Easley

Title:Dead Float
Author:Warren C. Easley
My Rating: (5/5)☆☆☆☆☆
Sources:P.P Press
Publishers:P. P Press


Cal Claxton- a former L.A. prosecutor now practicing law in Oregon's wine country and who works to fish-has to pinch himself when his best friend Phillip Lone Deer ask him to assist guiding a group of executive from a high tech firm in Portland. For a fly fisherman, it doesn't get any better than the salmon fly hatch on the Descutes River,Oregon's legendary trout fishing venue.The exes, however, aren't coming just to fish. They're engaged in a conflict resolution exercise where the future of the firm is to be determined. And Cal learns, too late, that the company's CEO is bringing his wife, the women with whom Cal has a fling after their last Lone Deer-guided fishing trip. Cal soon broke it off, but ...

            "MY REVIEW"

What words can describe Mr. Warren but AMAZING. I LOVE THIS BOOK.I was super excited when I got it to read. This was one of the most anticipating reads for me. Everything is a (5/5) author, cover, plot, etc. The murder was amazing. I liked how it was written. The storyline was amusing. This story was so good it took me 1 1/2 days to finish. Pick up a copy this book is too good to past up. Definety read this in Halloween because it fits perfect in that criteria. I like a lot of books but this is to good to put into a category.

             "ABOUT THE AUTHOR"

Warren C. Easley is the author of the Cal Claxton Mystery series. Mattters of Doubt is the debut novel, published in September, 2013.


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