Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Death In The Dolomites by David P. Wagner

Title:Death In The Dolomites
Author:David P. Wagner
Year:© September 2014
My Ratings:★★★
Format:ARC; Paperback
Soures:P.P Press
Publishers:P.P Press


Ricky Montoya is looking forward to a break from his translation buisness in Rome-a week of skiing in the Italian Alps with old college buddy Flavio. But Ricky's success helping the Italian police with a murder in Tuscany sends the Campingo cops his way. An American banker working in Milano is missing. The man's sister, an attractive and spoiled divorcee has no idea where he could be, nor do the locals who saw him on his way to the slopes. With the discovery of a body, Ricky and Inspector Albani widen their list of suspect. Picturesque resort Campiglio harbors old rivalries, citizens on the make, and a cut-throat political campaign. Why would these local issue, any of them, connect to the missing banker.

           "MY REVIEW"

This book was good. Not a bad read. I didn't like the scenery of the plot but the story could have had more twist. The author's writing style was good. He has potential and I would read more books from him. The description of what took place was gripping. I felt like I was in the story as a back drop. If there was a movie to be made I would be the director. Mr. David this book was a good mystery to read on a chilled day when you have nothing to do. The final cover looks decent. Over all as a whole this was a good book. Read this for yourself because its not a bad plot. The climax was okay but there needs to be more power, more details, and more confusion.


David P. Wagner is the author of Cold Tuscan Stone, the first Rick Montoya Italian Mystery. While serving diplomatic service he spent nine years in Italy where he learned to love things Italian, many of which appears in his writing. He and his wife live in New Mexico.


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