Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Death In The Dolomites Excerpt

                                                                                     Paperback250 pages
                                                         Published August 5th 2014 by Poisoned Pen Press

Rick Montoya takes a break from his translation business in Rome to join his college buddy Flavio in the Italian Alps.  Heavy snow has brought enthusiastic skiers to the picturesque ski town of Campiglio, where the food tastes even better after a day on the slopes.  But Rick's holiday is interrupted when a body is found in the deep snow under a ski lift.  With a push from his uncle, an Italian policeman in Rome, Rick is drawn into the investigation.  The victim is an American banker, but the suspects are all Italian.  Well, all except the dead man's beautiful sister, now the sole heir to the family fortune. 

As Rick and an eccentric local policeman poke around Campiglio, small town politics and personal rivalries quickly widen the list of suspects.  There’s the bombastic mayor and his ex-wife, a cut-throat real estate investor, the victim’s lanky landlord, a hotel owner, and even the gray-haired lady who runs the best bakery in the valley.  But whoever is behind the murder, they don’t seem pleased with Rick’s involvement in the investigation, if two suspicious brushes with danger are any indication. 

Rick’s vacation is proving to be more demanding than his normal work routine in Rome.  Between the investigation and fending off the lovely heiress, he hardly finds any time to ski with Flavio.  But the murderer must be found, or Rick himself could become another victim.


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