Monday, November 10, 2014

♠♠Final Curtains by Ed Ifkovic♠♠

Title:Final Curtains
Author:Ed Ifkovic
My Ratings:★★★★
Sources:P. P Press
Publishers:P. P Press

                "ABOUT THE BOOK"

                    Who's murdered the handsome young actor. And why? In 1940, against the chilling backdrop of Hitler's rise and the specter of another war, Edna Ferber decides to follow an old dream: to act on the stage. S. Kaufman, for her starring role, she travels to Maplewood, New Jersey. But her escapes from the troubling daily headlines is short lived. Before opening night  a mysterious understudy is shot to death, opening up a world of lies, greed, and hypocrisy

          "MY REVIEW"

Wonderful mystery book. The title really says it all "Final Curtains". The death was so amazing. The book wasn't to predictable and I loved that about it. My favorite character would have to be Edna of course. The setting was gorgeous. My imagination was really put to the test. This book is extremely vivid and no one couldn't say that one part of the boom is not descriptive enough to the fullest. BRAVO. I have to read more books from this series because of the gripping suspense this book holds. I am proud to say this book is really a masterpiece.I loved the plot of the whole acting scenery, I felt as if I was watching a movie and not reading the book. What can I say but Mr. Ed you have done it again.



                                             Ed Ifkovic taught literature  and creative writing at a community college in Connecticut for over three decades, and now devotes himself to writing fiction.


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