Thursday, November 13, 2014

♠♠Hell With The Lid Blown Off by Donis Casey♠♠

Title:Hell With The Lid Blown Off
Author:Donis Casey
My Rating:★★★★
Sources:P.P Press
Publishers:P.P Press


         "ABOUT THE BOOK"

In the summer of 1916, a twister cuts a swath of destruction through Boynton, Oklahoma. Alafair Tucker's family and neighbours are not spare the ruin and grief spread by the storm.

            "MY REVIEW"

This book was a good read. I enjoyed the author and I think this is an good book. The title frightened me a bit, but from it you can tell this is going to be a chaotic book that is filled with horror. This mystery is enjoyable. Ms. Donis I am impress with your work and cannot wait to see what the future hold for you and your books. Fantastic and the horror and suspense is to devious to tell you my readers. Read it and see for yourselves what you think. Big tornadoes swirling around "BE WARE". Such a captivating story line I must recommend this to everyone. Telling the truth I was more than scared, I was frightened. Prepare yourself before reading this book, twisters are not the only thing you should worry about.

          "ABOUT THE AUTHOR"

                                                               Donis Casey is the author of the Alafair Tucker Mystery and has twice won the Arizona Book Award.


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