Friday, November 7, 2014

Just Girls by Rachel Gold

Title:Just Girls
Author:Rachel Gold
My Rating:★★★★
Sources:Novel Publicity
Publishers:Bella Books 


Jess Tucker sticks her neck out for a stranger- the buzz is some girl in the dorm is a trans girl. So Tucker says it's her, even though it's not, to stop the finger pointing.

          "MY REVIEW"

This book was good. I like the message behind it. Don't be afraid or scared of who you are. Own up to what you do. Even if the secret is bad it's best you say it now because the truth will come out. A lot of people are scared to say certain things because we live in a society where we get judged on the biggest and smallest things about yourself. Ms.Rachel I give you a standing ovation because of this beautiful message you have in your book that I just adore.

         "THE AUTHOR"


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  1. That is indeed a beautiful message!! Thank you so much for the review!!