Monday, November 3, 2014

The Spirit and the Skull by J.M. Hayes

Title:The Spirit and the Skull
Author:J.M. Haynes
Year:© August 2014
My Rating:(3/5)
Sources:P.P Press
Publishers:P.P Press

        "ABOUT THE BOOK"

Murder is unthinkable to The People-a Paleolithic tribes migrating across Alaska and becoming son of the first undocumented immigrants to enter the Americas. For them, murder isn't merely tragic, it's forbidden. Murder poisons the entire tribe and puts it at odds with nature, the Spirited, and the mighty Earth Mother. A murder must be founded and removed in order to put the world back in balance.

            "MY REVIEW"

I really didn't enjoy the story much. The author has a way with words if I do say so myself. I have read a lot of mystery books, but the plot was a little dry. I'm not saying this is a terrible book or a waste to time, it's just not my cup of tea. It's my first time I read on of Mr. J.M. books but if I get use to his stories I think I would have enjoyed this a bit better. The spirits and skulls in the book got me a little confused and it just didn't fit. Not a bad read I just wished I would have enjoyed it more.


                              J.M."Mike" Hayes was born in Kansas. He was a graduate student studying archaeology at the Wichita State University when he joined the National Science Foundation project that inspired this novel.                             


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