Monday, November 17, 2014

Umbecoming by Rebecca Scherm

Title: Unbecoming
Author: Rebecca Scherm
My Rating:★★★★★
Format:ARC; Paperback
Sources: Penguin

                     "ABOUT THE BOOK"

On the grubby outskirts of Paris, Grace restores bric-a-brac, mends teapot, and resets game. She calls herself Jullie, she's from California, and slips back to a rented room at night. Home in Gareland, Tennessee, and there, two young men have just been paroled. One, she married; the other she's in love with. Both were jailed for a crime that Grace herself planned in exacting details. And so begins a cat-and-mouse game as Grace's web of deception unravels. 

                                                     "MY REVIEW"

This was a good love triangle that I adore. Caught between love from two different people. Who can you chose. I would be lost and scared to make the wrong mistake. It kind of draws suspense because you don't know what the author has in stored for you. Lets just say you might or might not be shocked depending on what you think about while you are reading this book. The murder that was added was brilliant if I do say so myself. Check this book out. Its witty, sweet, but suspenseful. I wasn't disappointed with the ending because...... well I can't tell you that part. You have to see what Ms. Rebecca has in stored for you fiction, new adult avid readers out there.


                             Rebecca Scherm is a graduate of New York University and the Helen Zell Writer's Program at the University of Michigan, where where she currently teaches.



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