Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Blog Tour Review: The Resurrection Of Tess Blessing by Lesley Kagen

Title: The Resurrection of Tess Blessing
Author: Lesley Kagen
Year: © 2014
My Rating: ♕♕♕♕♕/5
Pages: 369
Genre: Novel
Format: Paperback
Sources: Booksparks
Publishers: Spark Press

      ♟The Resurrection of Tess                  Blessing♟

After she's diagnosed with breast cancer, forty-nine-year old Tess Blessing sets forth on a mission to complete her TO-DO List before, what she's sure is, her impending death. She needs to make peace with her estranged sister, Birdie, scatter her mother's long-kept ashes, rescue her daughter, Haddie, from the grip of an eating disorder, guide her teenage son, Henry, through a bumpy adolescence, and reignite the spark in her almost thirty-year marriage to her husband, Will. Tess is aided on her quest by narrator, Grace, who lends the story its most brilliant elements: subtle magical realism and deep psychological complexity. Is Grace an imaginary friend, guardian angel, or a part of Tess that knows better than she?

          ◇My Thoughts◇

In this hear-warming novel we meet Tess. Tess is diagnosed with breast cancer and sets out on a mission to do everything on her list. I enjoyed going along with Tess. She reminds me of "Queen Latifa" in Last Holiday. Having cancer is terrible. I have lost family members to this deadly disease. However, my family always stayed side to side and we never let them go. While going threw a illness it is always best to have someone with you because the journey can be very loney and depressing. I cried not because she had cancer, its because she was brave enough not to let anything stop her. I must give props to Kagen for this brilliant novel she has written. Throughout every page you can feel the connections with Tess and I find that very important when reading a book. Without that feeling how could you possibly connect with the plot.

I cannot tell you how much I love this book. It had so many mixed feeling and emotions you must keep track or else the story won't make much since to you. I believe in living each day to the fullest because you never know what might happen the next day or that same day. Grace told this story so beautiful and vivid I could see the book coming alive on my bed. Check out this wonderful book. You will not be disappointed. I didn't like the fact that she had to change some of the choices she made just because she had cancer. I feel as if you shouldn't let something dramatic happen to make changes in your life.

           ♧Lesley Kagen♧

Lesley Kagen is a mother of two, a grandmother of two, an actress, former restaurateur, celebrated public speaker, essayist, and the award winning, New York Times bestselling author of Whistling in the Dark, Land of a Hundred Wonders, Tomorrow River, Good Graces, Mare's Nest, The Undertaking of Tess, and The Resurrection of Tess Blessing. Her novels have also been published in the Netherlands, China, Taiwan, Germany, Italy, Turkey and Russia. She lives in Wisconsin in a hundred-year-old farm house. Find reading guides and event information at www.lesleykagen.com and at www.facebook.com/LesleyKagenBooks.



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