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"Book Review of" Disconnected by Lisa M. Cronkhite

 Title: Disconnected
 Author: Lisa M. Cronkhite
 Year: ©2014
 My Rating:⚡⚡⚡/5
 Genre: Mystery
 Format: Paperback
 Pages: 186
 Sources: Publishers
 Publishers: The Poisoned Pencil



Seventeen-year-old Milly has a huge problem on her hands.  She is being bullied by Amelia Norris. Day in and day out, Amelia torments Milly and even threatens to hurt her, but she can’t tell anyone—not a soul.  Milly’s reasoning—she does not want anyone to know where her tormentor lives.  They only share one thing in common.  Both co-exist as one in the same body. Milly is so disconnected from her past that she feels compelled to find out what truly happened to her when her parents were still alive.  After a mysterious fire, she and Grandpa George move into Aunt Rachel's Victorian home where Milly then begins to unravel puzzling clues to her family history. Through dreams and scattered memories, Milly journals her breaking story, trying to cope by putting the shattered pieces back together, all the while resisting with her inner demon.  Amelia is determined to cut Milly out of the real world—literally.Milly starts to wonder who her real family is after stumbling across Aunt Rachel’s notebook—having the intuitive sense that something terribly awful is missing.  All she had thought to be true now seems like one big lie.                    
          "My Thoughts" 

      I wanted to love this book but............couldn't 

Writing Style: I feel as if this writer has potential but I would like to see more usage of mystery in this book. I connected with what was going on but it didn't reflect threw her words. I believe in this author can keep you hooked, but I want to see more life come threw with her words. She did do a good job of holding my attention but, I need more meaning to really get whats going on.

Captivation: I was very captivated in this short read. I felt that the author did a good job but not great. I was impressed by the story and it wasn't like any other story I read. The concept of the book could have given more life and excitement to pump up the book which will get you on your toes and to guess what will happen next. Which I didn't fell that much of.

Mood: I really wanted to love the book but l just liked it. It was very captivating, don't get me wrong but the plot kind of threw me off just a tad bit. I was captivated threw this book, but something was kind of missing. I felt as if there could have been more mayhem in the book. It could have been a bit ciaos and more confusion.

Connections: I didn't connect to a person being bullied by her own self but I connected to the bullying part. If you have someone close to you. It could be like you are bullying yourself which is really bad. My advise to you is only surround yourself who have nothing  to say but positive and uplifting things to say,that will help you in life.

Characters: I really didn't have a favorite character in this book. They were okay, but not the best to choose from. It would be wrong if I choose "Amelia" (the bully). She brought a lot of suspense to this book because she was bullying "Milly". The characters went along with the book, but I wanted to feel more emotion.

Plot: The plot confused me at first because of a girl getting bullied by her own self. I felt that the book could have been longer to get into more details about that. Nonetheless I think that the author was very unique for coming up with this impressive read.


       "Lisa M. Cronkhite"

Midwest Author Lisa M. Cronkhite’s love for writing started when she was a teen, journaling of her torrid romance with her first boyfriend then and now husband of over two decades. She picked up writing again after her first bipolar episode and psychotic break when her doctor recommended it as a coping skill. Once again, with pencil in hand, Lisa dove herself into crafting poetry. Through the years, Lisa has published her poems in print and online magazines such as Poetry Repairs, Grey Sparrow Press, Sacramento Poetry Center, Poetry Salzburg Review and many more. Lisa also has short stories in magazines like Suspense Magazine and YA Fiction magazine Suddenly Lost in Words.

Her novels include Dreaming a Reality, Demon Girl and Deep in the Meadows. Disconnected is her fourth novel. Lisa is currently working on her next novel, Purple Haze.  



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