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"Book Review of" Drowning Barbie by Frederick Ramsay

Title: Drowning Barbie: An Ike Schwartz Mystery
Author: Frederick Ramsay
Year: ©2014
My Rating: ★★★★/5
Pages: 258
Genre: Mystery
Format: Paperback
Sources: Publishers
Publishers: Poisoned Pen Press
Drowning Barbie: An Ike Schwartz Mystery


        ↖Drowning Barbie↖

Ethyl Smut, everyone agreed, deserved to die. Drugs, child abuse, a life wasted, but murder is murder and killers must be brought to justice.So, when a second body is unearthed in her shallow grave, and the town's worst nightmare in the person of George LeBrun also find their way onto Ike's desk so to speak, things get messy fast. Then there is Ethyl's missing daughter, Darla, who could testify against some important people if she were found. And as if Ike hadn't enough on his plate, Karl Hedrick and Sam arrive to investigate the source of the second body and it's like old home week in Picketsville. Finally, there is the "Never-ending Story" of Ike and Ruth's engagement that friend and foe alike insist be settled one way or another.

          ✌My Thoughts✌

              Captivating thriller...... non stop suspense. 

Mood: I was very intrigued. The mystery that Mr. Frederick writing was a real thriller. I like the book because of the murder and missing bodies. This was a good thriller but I was kind of hoping for more. I had very high expectations but, this thriller wasn't that bad. For my first time reading a Ike Schwartz Mystery I can honestly say it deserves more publicity than what its getting. Non stop action was happening, but it needed a bit more life.

Captivation: This book was very captivating. I wanted to be entertained more, but no complains much. I loved the cover which was really creepy. That's what really got me captivated. The title of the book doesn't really go with the story, but I'll take what I have now. The ending was a tad bit dry, because I didn't want it to end. It ended very fast, and was to fast pasted to keep up with the really mystery.

Plot: The plot was okay, but not bad. I had a wonderful time reading this book, but there were some parts I thought needed to be (added/taken out/more details). The mystery was good but could have more intriguing parts. Nonetheless it was alright.

Characters: I didn't have a favorite character. I couldn't connect with anyone because they didn't portray similar traits as me or the other way around.

Favourite Lines: "Can you really guarantee her safety, Ike?"

Final Thoughts: Good mystery book. It had potential, but isn't horrible and a waste of time. Check this book out if you want to start reading mystery books but are a bit iffy.

        "Frederick Ramsay"

Dr. Frederick Ramsay was born in Baltimore, the son of a respected teacher researcher and scientist. He graduated from Washington and Lee University in Virginia and received his doctorate from the University of Illinois. After a stint in the Army, he joined the faculty of the University of Maryland, School of Medicine, where he taught Anatomy, Embryology and Histology; engaged in research and served as an Associate Dean. During this time he also pursued studies in theology and in 1971 was ordained an Episcopal priest. Leaving academia, he tried his hand at a variety of vocations. At one time or another, he served as a Vice President for Public Affairs, worked as an insurance salesman, a tow man and line supervisor at Baltimore’s BWI airport, a community college instructor, and substitute. Finally, he accepted a full time position as a clergyman. He is now retired from full-time ministry and writes fiction. Dr. Ramsay is the author of several scientific and general articles, tracts, theses, and co-author of The Baltimore Declaration. He is an iconographer, an accomplished public speaker and once hosted a television spot, Prognosis, on the evening news for WMAR-TV, Baltimore. He currently lives in Surprise, Arizona with his wife and partner, Susan. 


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