Friday, December 12, 2014

"Book Review of" Exile by Tom Stacey

Title: Exile
Author: Tom Stacey
Year: ©2014
My Review: ★★★★★
Pages: 389
Genre: Epic Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Sources: Pump Up Your Book
Publishers: Tom Stacey

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On the fringes of the Verian Empire, two small boys stumble upon a strange altar, buried in the heart of a mountain. There they awaken a horror unseen for generations, that will descend upon the realm of men while it is at its weakest. For Veria is a nation at war with itself, only recently recovered from a bloody rebellion, and the time of heroes has passed. The empire is in a state of chaos, and while its ruler, the Empron Illis, rids the land of his remaining enemies, unseen forces are gathering at the borders. However all eyes are turned inwards. The Empron is not a well man, and there are whispers among the common folk that his advisors are spies; demons that only wear the flesh of men. Yet there is hope… In the distant mountains, a forester who has buried his past learns that he has not been forgotten, and that his crimes have sought him out at last. But he is no simple woodsman. He is Beccorban the Helhammer, Scourge, Burner and the Death of Nations, and his fury is a terrible thing. For when all the heroes are gone, Veria will turn to those it has forgotten, before all is lost. For More Information.

          "My Thoughts"

I enjoyed this read. It was very adventurous and reminded me so much of "The Phantom Tollbooth". Discovering a amazing world is always thrilling for me. The chaos in the books was good, but it could have be more epic like the genre. I liked Mr. Tom's story line because I felt connected to it. I felt what the characters felt by using my IMAGINATION. The Empron was my favorite character for some odd reason, which I loved. Everything that was said in the book fit. It wasn't dry or not captivating. It had meaning, adventure, and meddling like "Mystery Inc". The first chapters would make you so captivating you cannot put down. Epic everything (characters, plot, author, climax). This book should become a movie because of the climax, of the story. It will make you guess whats happening next, what will happen, and why did it happen. Like other books "Exile" doesn't lack creativity it has everything you would want in an Epic Fantasy. This just has that Harry Potter mystery that I just adore.

          "Tom Stacey"

Tom Stacey is an English author of the fantasy novel, Exile. Tom was born in Essex, England, and has lived there his whole life. He began writing at school, often taking responsibility for penning the class plays, or writing sketches with his friends. While attending university to read history, Tom developed his writing by creating several short stories, some of which would later become to basis for his debut novel, Exile. Tom self-published Exile in summer 2014 and is currently working on the sequel as well as another unrelated novel. He earns a living as a video producer in London in the day and writes at night, a bit like a really underwhelming superhero.


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