Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Book Review: Tantric Coconuts by Greg Kincaid

Title: Tantric Coconut
Author: Greg Kincaid
Year: ©2014
Pages: 292
My Rating: ♔♔/5
Genre: Romance
Format: Hardcover
Sources: Blogging For Books
Publishers: Crown Publishing

        ♡Tantric Coconut♡

Free spirit Angel Two Sparrows—artist and musician extraordinaire—is having trouble making ends meet. On the verge of desperation, she inherits her crazy Aunt Lilly’s bookmobile and half-wolf named No Barks, and dreams up yet another life plan. Painting her business card on the side of the van, Angel and her trusty companion set off on a pilgrimage across America hoping to jump-start her new profession: Native American Spiritual Consultant. Traveling in the other direction, Ted Day and his trusty Irish Terrier-mix Argo are on a much needed vacation (and in need of spiritual nourishment). When he leaves Kansas, Ted can’t image how far from his sleepy law office that old silver and black Winnebago 32RQ Chieftain will take him. Two lives (four if you count the canines) collide (literally). Once the dust settles, Ted and Angel find themselves enamored. Sensing that something bigger and more profound has been set in motion, the couple embarks on a wild road trip, detouring into some rarely traveled corridors of the human soul. Very soon, it becomes clear that nothing will ever be the same for these travelers, their dogs, and, heck, the world at large, too. “Coming from the author of books such as A Dog Named Christmas and Christmas with Tucker,” Kincaid writes, “This new novel might at first blush sound like a de­parture for me. And yet, Angel and Ted’s journey throughout the Southwest reveals the themes at the heart of all my work: the ultimate questions of life and love, of companionship and overcoming the odds.” (less)


          ♙My Thoughts♙

Writing Style: I was a bit disappointed. I thought this book was going to be amazing. I didn't have any type of connection or could I tell what the author meant or what was his meaning behind the whole story. When I read I want to feel a connection with what the author's doing. I couldn't really comprehend with the author. It wasn't that bad, but I expected more feeling, connection, and excitement. This book didn't make me imagine myself much in the book, which is a huge down fall for me.

Captivation: I saw so many bad reviews on Goodreads. I was a bit hesitant of reading it at first, but I gave it a shot. The book was so-so, but this book isn't for me. I didn't so much like the concept of what took place. It wasn't bad, but I just cannot deal with it. There were so many times, I was a bit confused and didn't know what was going on. I mean the concept didn't seem realistic and there was no connection. I couldn't relate. I didn't feel anything. It was kind of a drag. Nevertheless, if you want to give this a try, hey don't let me stop you.

Plot: Like I've explain previously I felt no sort of connection. The plot was alright, but it didn't match the story. I felt as if I was watching one of those cheesy "Halmart" Christmas movies, which I dearly dislike with a passion.

Characters: I didn't have a favourite character. There personalities were very dull. They had no spark. No chemistry. No nothing that I look forward to.

Favourite Line: Please help me find one.

Final Thoughts: I expected so much....... but got settled with nothing.

           ♜Greg Kincaid♜

Greg Kincaid was born in Providence, Rhode Island on March 30, 1957. He has lived in rural Kansas most of his life. He is married and has five children. His first book, Death Walk at Acoma, was a young adult novel publihsed in 1992 by Sunstone. In 2008, his second novel, A Dog Named Christmas (Random House), made it to the the New York Times Extended Best Seller's list. In 2009, it was released as a Hallmark Hall of Fame movie that was enthusiastically received by over twelve million viewers. His third novel, Christmas with Tucker, the prequel to A Dog Named Christmas, is scheduled for release by Crown Books in November of 2010. Greg is an attorney and an advocate for both animal shelters and literacy.


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