Saturday, December 6, 2014

:O Where Have I Been + My Birthday's Coming:O

I'm so sorry that I have been gone. I have been having computer problems which has been slowing down the reviews. I'm not back for good yet, I made sure I had to go to the library today to get all my needed reviews up that's why there are so many post today. My charger will not arrive until the 16 of December so, you might not get any reviews until Saturday or one day during the week. If you didn't know my birthdays coming. Yes, its on the 13 and I am scared. I'm getting so old. I don't know what awaits me on that day. My fingers are crossed. I also have some fun content that will be on my blog such as "Interviews", "Giveaways", "Blog Vlogs, "Book Reviews", "Blog Tours", "Cover Reveals", "Pictures, "Book Hauls", "Birthday Haul", and "What I Got For Christmas". This months theme is "Winter With A Thriller" and I cannot wait to share theses things I'm working on with you. Thank you for checking out my blog and I'm sad I'll be gone again :-( .



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