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Blog Tour Book Review: Moonlight Weeps by Vincent Zandri

Title: Moonlight Weeps
Author: Vincent Zandri
Year:© 2014 (August 29th)
My Rating: ♕♕♕♕♕/5
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 250
Format: Paperback
Sources: Partners In Crime
Publishers: Dawn & Out Books
ISBN: 1937495744
ISBN13: 9781937495749

         ΩMoonlight WeepsΩ

Dick Moonlight can't help himself. Moonlight, the private detective known as the head case with a bullet lodged in his brain, should be grateful for his current job. But when it becomes clear the cash-starved brain surgeon he's been hired to drive around is protecting his son from a rape conviction, Moonlight is disgusted. Worse, when the charges turn into a case of "reckless murder," Moonlight's the only one trying to keep the kid from the electric chair though the girl-a state senator's daughter-clearly committed suicide. Then Moonlight and his unwilling assistant, a fat Elvis impersonator owing him money, stumble into a much bigger plot and are soon dodging Hollywood obsessed drug-running Russian thugs, corrupt government officials, and the specter of Moonlight's recently diseased girlfriend. New York Times bestselling author Vincent Zandri delivers another fast-paced, grizzly thriller in the Dick Moonlight series, offering readers plenty of wry humor, bullets, car chases, and Scarface references. 

           ΩMy ThoughtsΩ

Moonlight Weeps was a great mystery. I enjoyed Zandri's writing style and could connect with what was going on. At times I was confused but that's what made it more mysterious and I liked it more. All the twists in this book made me intrigued. The basic story was that Dick Moonlight is a private detective. He was hired to protect a brain surgeon son from a rape conviction. I must warn you that this book is very explicit and will go into hard-core full details about that. Follow Dick in this action pact book and join him on yet another adventure.

The language in this book was a turn off but didn't stop me there. My favourite line was "As I slip behind the wheel of the hearse, my smart phone chimes". Hearing this part made me jump and wasn't to know what was gonna take place next. The ending was very shocking and I highly recommend this book to you all. I was a bit upset that i just found out about this series and wish I have read the other books in this series to learn more about Dick Moonlight and more of his adventures he has went on. Although I read this book, I wished I would have read this book in October and this is a MUST reread for the future. I cannot express how much I love this book and this great, great, great, author.

        ΩVincent ZandriΩ

Vincent Zandri is the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author of THE INNOCENT, GODCHILD, THE REMAINS, MOONLIGHT FALLS, THE CONCRETE PEARL, MOONLIGHT RISES, SCREAM CATCHER, BLUE MOONLIGHT, MURDER BY MOONLIGHT, THE GUILTY, MOONLIGHT SONATA, MOONLIGHT WEEPS, FULL MOONLIGHT, LOST GRACE, THE SHROUD KEY, and the forthcoming, EVERYTHING BURNS. He is also the author of numerous Amazon bestselling digital shorts including PATHOLOGICAL, TRUE STORIES and MOONLIGHT MAFIA. Harlan Coben has described THE INNOCENT (formerly As Catch Can) as "...gritty, fast-paced, lyrical and haunting," while the New York Post called it "Sensational...Masterful...Brilliant!" Zandri's list of domestic publishers include Delacorte, Dell, Down and Out Books, and Thomas & Mercer, while his foreign publisher is Meme Publishers of Milan and Paris. An MFA in Writing graduate of Vermont College, Zandri's work is translated, or soon to be translated, into many languages including the Dutch, Russian, French, Italian, German, and Japanese. A freelance photo-journalist for Living Ready Magazine, RT, Globalspec, inTravel Magazine, along with several other global news agencies and publications, Zandri lives in New York and Florence, Italy. For more go to WWW.VINCENTZANDRI.COM



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