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Book Review: The Amazing Wolf Boy (The Amazing Wolf Boy 1) by Roxanne Smolen

Title: The Amazing Wolf Boy (#1)
Author: Roxanne Smolen
Year: © 2014 (May 1st)
My Rating: ♕♕♕♕♕/5
Pages: 377
Genre: Fiction
Format: Signed; Paperback
Sources: Author
Publishers: moonRox, Inc.
ISBN 13: 9780991567317


Ebook: $2.99

♧ The Amazing Wolf Boy♧

Cody Forester plans to become a doctor. Instead, he becomes a werewolf. The first time Cody shows fang and fur, his parents ship him off to podunkville to live with his black sheep uncle. His revised career choice is social hermit. As the new kid, he makes more enemies than friends. His high school teachers label him a troublemaker. The whole town hates him. Except Brittany. She's beautiful, with her eyes painted black and her lips dark purple. When Brittany discovers his secret, she tries to cure him using crystals, candles, and magic potions. Cody falls head-over-tails in love-but he can never tell her. Girls like her aren't for him. He's the amazing wolf boy. Astound your family and mystify your friends. While Cody moons over Brittany, a murderous pack of lycanthropes howl into town. They want Cody to join them. When he refuses, they kidnap Brittany and threaten to kill her at moonrise. Cody must master his untried superpowers or the girl he loves dies. Can he defeat the pack and save both their lives? 

      ♧ My Thoughts♧

So, I've been eyeing this book for a while and it was a great book to read in "Winter Break". In this captivating read we follow Cody as he is now a werewolf instead of a doctor. When he first transformed his parents sends him to Podunkville. While living there he faces many obstacles such as having enemies and teachers disliking him. He then meets a beautiful girl name Brittany. She excepts Cody for who he is when she finds out his huge secret and tries to help him. 

Cody then faces the biggest obstacle when he refuses to join a pack they capture Brittany. Come along on this fun flit adventure with Cody and howl with him as well. I love wolfs and vampires so I knew that I was going to love this book. It felt just like an episode of "Teen Wolf" on MTV which I highly request you watch. It had so much suspense and drama along with twist and turns. 

I loved it so much I read it again this time in one day. I've already let someone borrow this book and she said and I quote "words cannot express how great this book is and you wolf lovers will enjoy it". I am a wolf lover and in any day I choose them over vampires. This book will get you on the tip of your toes need I say anymore to control the spoilers. 

My favourite character would have to be Brittany because she just sounds so loving and excepting. She doesn't judge you on the outside but on the side which might sound a bit cliche. Let me stop fan girling and end it hear. Check this book out you WILL NOT be disappointed. 

Below you can find some amazing pictures I took. Again thank you so much Ms. Roxanne. 

Roxanne Smolen is a leading professional in the writing industry. She’s a sought-after writing instructor and editor whose tireless efforts help other authors reach their dreams of publication. She co-founded the Coral Springs Writers’ Group and has been a contributor there for over twenty years. She is a prolific writer with twelve published novels and three more expected soon. She also writes a line of children’s books with two of her granddaughters. Roxanne has been married to her high school sweetheart, Gregory, for 40+ years and has two children. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook, and Google+.

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