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Book Review: Ella Bandita and the Wanderer by Montgomery Mahaffey + Q&A

Title: Ella Bandita and the Wanderer
Author: Montgomery Mahaffey
Year: © 2014
My Rating: ♕♕♕♕/5
Genre: Fantasy
Format: Paperback
Sources: Author
Publishers: Free Flying Press

ISBN 13: 987-0-9903134-0-3


Paperback: $14.95 (US)

♟Ella Bandita and the Wanderer♟ 

They were fated to collide, Ella Bandita and the Wanderer. This complex fable about a predatory seductress and an adventurer frozen in grief explores the darkness of the human heart and the allure of erotic obsession over love. The story begins when an outcast young woman tries to kill herself. Yet a sorcerer intervenes with a last chance to change her destiny. But she must be his lover and give him her heart to transform into the immortal Ella Bandita. All his life, the Wanderer hears stories about Ella Bandita, the ruthless thief of hearts. But he never believes she lives and doesn't recognize her when they meet. Driven by lust, he follows Ella Bandita into a battle of wills that threatens to destroy him. The Wanderer wants nothing more than to avenge himself on a woman he loathes, the vagabond seductress who stole his heart.

          ♟My Thoughts♟

In, this book written by Mahaffey, we follow along with a sorcerer the main character. Starting off this book we start of with a lady trying to commit suicide. Why you may ask? Read the book. But, a sorcerer stops her and she MUST love him and give him her heart and she will become Ella Bandita. Wait what.....? Read the book. Growing up the sorcerer always heard stories of Ella and follows her into a battle of wills which wants to destroy him. Really why? Read the book.

So, if you didn't know I have been obsessing over this book. It kind of reminded me of Ella Enchanted, but better. There was just so many ups and downs I just don't know how to explain it. It was very fast pasted and I coughed on very quickly. She has no name except for the one the sorcerer gives her and was warned to stay far far away from him. Believe it or not the sorcerer was my favourite character. He just causes so much suspense in the story by being so corrupting. That's what makes a good book stand out.

 This book was very vivid and I only recommend this to high school students. There was quite a lot of sex and it sounded like a R rated movie. Throughout this book Ella has been called ugly which I didn't like. I don't think anyone is ugly, and we're not perfect. So I didn't get that part of the story. I felt ad if everyone was downgrading Ella for no reason. Hey maybe being a monkey is the next "Seventeen Magazine". I would be slaying the furr. I thought I would love and adore this book but not so much. Good read but my expectations were to high.

The writing was good, along with the story but the content is and was shocking and I wasn't expecting the book to be like this.  

      ♟Montgomery Mahaffey♟ 

1) Ella Bandita was originally written as a fable in the style of oral storytelling; it was part of a collection of original fairy tales that I self-published and traveled around Alaska, Washington, Oregon, and California telling stories and selling the book out of my truck. It was less than 20,000 works and took me an hour and a half to tell it in its original form. Somebody who reviewed "Ella Bandita and other stories" suggested that the character deserved her own novel. And now, the character is part of a series. Ella Bandita and the Wanderer is the first in a series of 4 novels.

2) That's a good question. Beyond the main protagonist, of course, my favorite character was one whose story got demoted to backstory - the Horse Trainer who Came as a Vagabond. He was the original intruder in the world of the main protagonist - an angelic being who could have been the catalyst for salvation for the girl and her father, the Patron. 

3) Since I am a DIY author  - Free Flying Press is my own - why no, it wasn't difficult at all. ;) As far as getting published traditionally, I would say it was more difficult than it should have been and I lost interest in that process and that dance. I'm excited to go my own way. It's a challenge, but I'm looking forward to this journey.

4) Sure. Absolutely. We writers have to stick together.

5) I have many favorites, but the ones off the top of my head: Jeannette Winterson, Isabel Allende, John Irving, Tom Robbins, Truman Capote, Jane Austen, and John Kennedy O'Toole.

6) I'm at work on the 2nd novel in the Ella Bandita series, and my first was a collection of stories - so 2 books and counting, I suppose.

7) I'm incredibly blessed in that coming up with plot is really easy for me - it's just a question of inspiration. It takes many years to develop that plot and tell it in a way that is lovely and readable - and of course, that is something that is determined by the reader, not the writer.

8) Oh yeah. I have the next 3 books in the Ella Bandita stories, and 3 other novels that are on the back-burner.

9) I've had many journeys and phases in life. I've been a student, a bartender, a traveler, a social worker, a naturalist guide, and a massage therapist. I've built up my community of friends and family of choice from a mindful, heart-centered space. So I don't know what my journey is except to be the best writer, self-publisher, woman, friend, and lover I can to the people who are in my world. Some journeys to exotic locations would also be nice - it's just a question of fitting them in.



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