Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Book Review + Excerpt: High Stakes: A Jack Doyle Mystery by John McEvoy

Title: High Stakes: A Jack Doyle Mystery
Author: John McEvoy
Year: © 2014 (December )
My Rating: ♕♕♕♕/5
Genre: Mystery
Pages: 250
Format: ARC; Paperback 
Sources: Publishers
Publishers: Poisoned Pen Press
ISBN: 1464202745
ISBN13: 9781464202742


Hardcover- $24.95; 
Large Print- $22.95; 
Trade Paberback $14.95; 
Ebook- $6.99

        ☆High Stakes☆

Someone is carrying out “mercy killings” of retired thoroughbred racehorses that have been donated to Midwest veterinarian schools for research purposes. Taking credit for these horse deaths is a previously obscure “animal rights” organization (ALWD) which stands for “Animal Life With Dignity.” Thousands of miles away, Irish bookmaker Niall Hanratty’s life is under threat from an unknown person or persons. Called upon to find the culprits in each case is former ad executive, amateur boxer, and jockey agent Jack Doyle, his usual irreverent, opinionated and sharp-eyed self in this, the fifth horse racing mystery of the series featuring him as an intriguing amateur sleuth. Unbeknownst to Doyle, he himself is the target for murder financed by Harvey Rexroth, the wealthy media mogul now imprisoned as a result of Doyle’s earlier efforts. Rexroth has hired the memorably frightening and efficient young villain W. D. Wiems for this revengeful assignment. Reappearing in this fourth Jack Doyle novel are furrier-to-the-Mob Moe Kellman, Chicago Mob chief Fifi Bonadio, horse trainer Ralph Tenuta, beautiful horse communicator Ingrid McGuire, and ambitious Irish journalist Nora Sheehan. As usual, this McEvoy novel features lively dialogue and several uniquely colorful characters, including an Irish hit man with hands “so powerful strong he could pop a man’s brains right up out of his skull”, and former Chicago Blackstone Rangers gang officer Dujuan Coleman.

            ☆My Thoughts☆

Getting this book in my mail box was exciting. I didn't know if I should have read it right away or just wait. Jack Doyle is a great detective and I love his interrogations that went throughout this book. This was really interesting to read a book by "John McEvoy". I love is writing style and he is good at keeping is audience intrude. ✔ (check). He just knows how to tell a good story without boring his readers. The cover reminded me of this stable I see when I am driving to school. Its good to find something that reminds you if even the simplest things in life and that's what I like. Even as that some readers wouldn't care for but I do.This cover has a lot of different meanings and I am glad that I saw that from my perspective.

Two FBI agents sleuthed to pressure him was amazing. You could really feel his frustration coming alive with the usage of the words. There is just a lot going on you must stay focus. P. S. when reading this book make sure you have no distractions. I enjoyed some of the charters this book talked about. About 0.1% of the time thee was a character that just added something to make me mad, but I quickly got over that and focused on the main point behind this story. This was a great book and this is a must reread in the near future. The many different places the story talked about like Chicago and Ireland were good. I like to feel as if I am traveling along side. Read this book for yourself you will not be disappointed.

            ☆John McEvoy☆

John McEvoy, former editor and senior correspondent for Daily Racing Form, is the author of five non-fiction books on thorougbred horse racing, including the award-winning Great Horse Racing Mysteries. Photo Finish is his fifth mystery novel and fourth featuring the adventurous Jack Doyle. One of McEvoy's earlier novels, Riders Down, won a Ben Franklin Award. He and his wife Judy live in Evanston, Illinois.


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