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Book Review: The Forbidden by Sarah McDonald

Title: The Forbidden
Author: Sarah McDonald
Year: © 2014 (June 27th)
My Rating: ♪♪♪♪♪/5
Pages: 264
Genre: YA
Format: Paperback 
Sources: Publisher
Publishers: Neverland Publishing Company, LLC
ISBN: 0090314839
ISBN 13: 9780990314837

                    The Forbidden

In a world where magic curses the young to serve under the powerful, a dark cloud hovers over a kingdom called Vestia.

The recipients of this magic are deemed Forbidders, bound to a life under authority, forced to exchange their youth for militarism. Long ago the people of this land celebrated magic and lived in peace under the watchful protection of goddesses known as the Fairest. But the Fairest have long since faded from history, leaving nothing of their magic but the remaining few born with powers that sentence them to a destiny as Forbidders. Now, a group of these students has united with the aid of a prophecy that they hope will destroy the government under which they serve. They search for twins born on the other side: Earth.

On the other side, a girl named Charlotte begins to dream.

Turning to her art to expel these strange images from her mind, Charlotte finds a kind of release; until her pictures are brought to life in the form of a redheaded girl. Believing she is the only one who can see this incarnation, Charlotte is plagued by terrible dreams from her childhood, resurfacing years later to torment and tease, leaving forgotten riddles in their wake. Only this time, she's not alone. Her classmates and close friends, twins Andrea and Perry, have become the target of some otherworldly forces.

An ancient magic stirs within a realm of forgotten beliefs and sleeping deities.

As she battles to control her own sanity and keep her friends from harm, Charlotte finds herself dragged along into a tangled, frightening, magical web where the answers to the questions of her life lie somewhere between two worlds.

                     My Thoughts

I was really impressed reading McDonald's work. She had a magnificent story line and no words can fit how truly captivating this author is. In this story we go in a fantasy world where magic curses the younger generation. In the book people are being protected to what is called the "Fairest", but they have now faded from history and only leaving a few borns with power. A group is then started by Forbidders. I must there because the story just keeps getting better.I loved the cover and the creepy tree on the back of the book. Charlotte begins dreaming and it is brought to real life.

I felt a connection with Charlotte because she was the chosen one. What really added a twist was the people she dearly loved are in danger and its up to her to figure out what she should do about it. While you read this book it just jumps out at you and is a bit terrifying at times. As I begin to branch out by different authors I can clearly see what amazing work that have put forward to us the readers.  I highly recommend this book to strong lovers of YA, you will not be disappointed by this great fiction book by McDonald.

                     Sarah McDonald 

Sarah McDonald was born in the small town of Huntsville, Ontario in the heart of beautiful cottage country. Writing has been a part of her life since she could hold a pen, and in her childhood you could often find her surrounded by books or writing letters to make-believe fairies. She always has said she'd love to become an author, but her inability to finish a story, on top of school and work, often left her struggling for time.

Now entering her final year of a degree in History, Sarah is proud to call The Forbidden the first installment of a Young Adult series. She has a love affair with fiction and film, as well as popular culture, and hopes to one day try her hand at screenplays. She also enjoys writing short stories, both fiction and creative nonfiction. Sarah loves examining magical realism, the supernatural, and overall depressing things, despite her cheerful appearance. She also hates writing things about herself.


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