Saturday, January 10, 2015

Book Review: Spelled by Kate St. Clair

Title: Spelled
Author: Kate St. Clair
Year: ©2014
Pages: 152
My Rating: ♕♕♕♕/5
Genre: Contemporary
Format: Paperback
Sources: Masquerade Tours
Publishers: Black Hill Press
ISBN 13: 9780615962023

$12.00 (US)


Magic runs thicker than blood. Misfortune seems to follow the Sayers family. Georgia has tried endlessly to reestablish normality since her mother died, and she's no closer from escaping her strange past when a mysterious fire destroys the only other high school in her tiny Texas town. Georgia is thrown into the company of Luke, a cryptic senior who brings her face to face with the truth about her heritage. Her loving, perfect mother created her family for the singular purpose of birthing five of the most powerful witches in the world, capable of terrifying magic. Now that she knows the truth, can Georgia keep her siblings safe? Who is behind the dark cult that's after her family? And does Luke know more about her powers than even she does?

         ♙My Thoughts♙

I enjoyed Spelled and it was good to read a different genre. I felt as if the storyline was good but not that intriguing. I have never read one of Clair's books and the writing style was okay and not the best. I could connect to Georgia's character, and at times I found her a bit annoying. This story had its moments when it was like "Harry Potter". To me that wasn't unique. It had to much similarities and I just had to put it down. However the book was taunting me to give it a second try. The 2nd time was more successful than the first. 

A lot of the books details to me were not clearly vivid to me at all times and I was confused A LOT. I just couldn't follow along with the story. The story could happen in real life except for the magic which I found realistic. I also like that the author made struggles in her book which I connected to 100%. It just shows that no one is perfect and we all have our flaws. No one is better than anyone no matter how you try. CUTOES for that again. I feel as if some people are just hung up on titles and money that we are blinded by the simplest things that matter.

I really enjoyed the relationship that Georgia and Luke shared. At times I felt as if it was a elementary crush which I can't relate to because I out grew it. I felt there should have been more spark between the two. I chuckled at all the parts they had dialogue because that part of the book felt like I was watching a comedy. Over all this book deserves the rating I gave it. If you feel intrude in reading this book, give it a try and I would love to hear your opinion on this book.


        ♧Kate St. Clair♧

I was born in a very small town outside of Austin, TX. I was an only child, and out in the middle of nowhere, I didn’t have much else to do besides create fantastical worlds in my mind to entertain myself. We didn’t have a TV until I was twelve, so reading became my greatest escape. My parents designed our house so that practically every wall doubled as a bookshelf, so there was no end to the things I could read. By the time I was twelve I was dying to be anywhere else, so I started to apply to summer programs that would take me out of state. I thankfully got accepted into Interlochen Arts Program that took me to Michigan, then the Oxbridge Program that gave me the chance to visit Oxford England and learn from some of the most talented writers I’ve ever met. I transferred to a boarding school at fourteen, and during one long winter of continuous ice days, I wrote my first novel. By the time I started college in California, I had sent over two thousand query letters to agents, all of which were rejected.


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