Saturday, January 10, 2015

Cover Reveal: Dark Places: A Red River Mystery by Reavis Z. Wortham



At the tail end of 1967, the Parker family once again finds it impossible to hide from a world spinning out of control. Fourteen-year-old Top still can't fit in with their Center Springs, Texas, community and his near-twin cousin Pepper does the only thing she can conceive to escape her own demons—she joins the Flower Children flocking to California … …just as three businessmen are murdered in the Red River bottoms on the same night as a deadly hit and run. Constable Ned Parker wonders if these crimes are connected, but when Pepper disappears, he follows, leaving the investigation in the hands of Sheriff Cody Parker who... …hires Deputy Anna Sloan, an investigator with an eye toward detail, but it seems that everyone is eyeing her. Following her instincts, she trails killers through a world nearly forgotten, the hunt’s backdrop one of continuous rain, gloomy skies, and floods. When an ambush nearly kills her, the investigation accelerates into gunfire, chases, and hair-raising suspense, while… …out on Route 66 to California, a man named Crow isn't what he seems. Lies, deceptions, and a band of outlaw motorcyclists proves to the Parkers that no matter where you turn, no matter what you do, the world is full of such darkness that even grandmothers are capable of unspeakable deeds. 

       About the Author: 

Author Reavis Z. Wortham’s first novel, The Rock Hole, is described by Kirkus as “an unpretentious gem written to the hilt and harrowing in its unpredictability.” Kirkus also listed it as one of the “Top 12 Mysteries of 2011.” Burrows, the second Red River Mystery, received a starred review by Publishers Weekly: “Wortham combines the gonzo sensibility of Joe R. Lansdale and the elegiac mood of To Kill a Mockingbird to strike just the right balance between childhood innocence and adult horror.” The New York Times called The Right Side of Wrong, “A sleeper that deserves wider attention."


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