Friday, February 13, 2015

Blog Tour Book Review: Enslavement (One Bright Future, #1) by Melinda Friesen

Title: Enslavement 
Author: Melinda Friesen 
Year: © 2014 (October 31st)
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♡
Pages: 228
Genre: YA
Format: Paperback 
Sources: Chapters by Chapters
Publishers: Rebelight Publishing

ISBN 13: 987-0-9939390-0-6


Paperback: $11.07



"One world. One currency. One bright future." 

That's the promise made by OneEarth Bank after a global economic collapse--but only for those who accept the insertion of a commerce chip. 

When Rielle's parents refuse to comply, government officials tear her family apart. As punishment for her parent's crimes, Rielle is forced into a Community Service Contract--a legalized form of slavery--and sold to a wealthy, abusive banker.

The Banker's secrets hold the key to Rielle's freedom, but will she risk prison or even death to escape and search for her family? 

Melinda Friesen was born in Portland, Oregon. She attended school in Texas and met a vastly interesting Canadian man, who she allowed to drag her to his home in the wilds of Manitoba, Canada. Living in an igloo wasn't easy. Wait. She didn't actually live in an igloo, but that would make this story much more interesting. 

Among her accomplishments are surviving -40 degree weather, gestating four human being inside her body, and staying happily married to that Canadian man for over 20 years despite the weather conditions he
's exposed her to. And she writes too! 


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