Saturday, February 14, 2015

Book Review: Death Spiral A Faith Flores Science Mystery by Janie Chodosh

Title: Death Spiral 
Author: Janie Chodosh 
Year: © 2014
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♡
Pages: 301
Genre: YA; Mystery 
Format: Paperback 
Sources: Publishers 
Publishers: The Poisoned Pencil 
ISBN 13: 987-1-9293-4500-7


$10.95 US
$12.95 CAN 

                             Death Spiral

Life is tough when you have a junkie for a mom. But when sixteen-year-old Faith Flores—scientist wannabe, loner, new girl in town—finds her mom dead on the bathroom floor, she refuses to believe her mom really OD'd. But the cops have closed the case and her Aunt T, with whom she now lives in the Philly ‘burbs, wants Faith to let go and move on.

But a note from Melinda, her mom's junkie friend, leads Faith to a seedy downtown methadone clinic. Were her mom and Melinda trying to get clean?

When Melinda dies of an overdose, Faith tracks down the scientists behind the trial running at the methadone clinic. Soon she's cutting school and lying to everyone—her aunt, her best friend, even the cops. Everyone, that is,  except the strangely alluring Jesse, who believes the “real” education's on the street and whose in-your-face honesty threatens to invade Faith's self-imposed “no-dating” rule. A drug-dealer named Rat-Catcher warns Faith to back off, but it doesn't stop Faith from confronting a genetics professor with a guilty conscience. When the medical examiner's body winds up in the Schuylkill River, Faith realizes if she doesn't act fast, she may be the next body in the morgue. Can Faith stop this deal gone bad from taking a sharp turn for the worse?

Death Spiral is a smart, surprising novel featuring an in-your-face heroine sure to appeal to teens and adults alike.

                           My Thoughts

Faith finds her mother dead when she overdosed on drugs, but Faith doesn't believe it for one minute. To get answers on what really happens Faith seeks help from her moms friend Melinda, but later is fount dead. 

Now who can Faith turn to for help? This was one of my highly anticipated reads for 2015. I was so impress with Chodosh's storyline and how well put together it was. I found that Faith was a very brave character who stunned me by her determination to uncover the truth on what really took place. 

This story had me guessing for what would take place and how will the ending turn out to be. Even though Faith lied to cover up I think that she is a great role model because, it just shows how much she cares for her mother and only wanted the truth behind her death. This is a great series that YA lovers will dearly love and will have you wanting more from this mystery. 

                       Janie Chodosh 

To write for teens, listen to teens.

I have been listening to teens and young-adults for most of my adult life. As a middle school and high school teacher, I am immersed in the voices of young people. Daily, I listen to their irony and wit, their drama and humor. It is these voices that fuel my desire to write for young adults.

Besides being a writer and a teacher, I am a mom, an avid outdoors person, reader, observer of life, and a scientist wannabe. However, since I realized I only liked to muck around in the field in cool places and would never actually be a scientist, I married one.

When not writing, I like to hang out with my family, rock climb, try to grow a garden in the arid southwest, bird watch, travel, and attempt to play Klezmer music on my violin.


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