Friday, February 6, 2015

Book Review: The Sirena Quest by Michael A. Kahn

Title: The Sirena Quest
Author: Michael A. Kahn
Year: © 2015 (January)
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♡
Pages: 287
Genre: Mystery
Format: ARC; Paperback
Sources: Publishers
Publishers: Poisoned Pen Press
ISBN: 987-1-4642-0352-7




                         ◇The Sirena Quest◇

The New York Times Sunday Magazine piece famously opened: She has pouting lips and high round breasts. Thousands of men have dreamt of her. Hundreds have chased after her. Two have died in pursuit. Her name is Sirena, she weighs 193 pounds, and she vanished in 1959. Without a trace. Barrett College s legendary Greco-Roman sculpture s fate was still a hot topic in 1970 when four roommates began their freshman year at the New England school. They ve gone their separate ways for years. But as the 1994 commencement approaches, they are about to reunite to meet a challenge thrown down by a Class of 59 hedge-fund billionaire. He has pledged a $25 million endowment plus a $3 million purse to her finder(s) if Sirena is restored to Barrett by June 17th, the date of his 35th reunion, the college s sesquicentennial celebration and our foursome s 20th class reunion. Although they are not alone in their pursuit groups of alumni, including a pair of aggressive and highly-financed classmates, are running down leads across the world St. Louis lawyer Lou Solomon and his crew come upon an obscure but intriguing clue. It leads them to Chicago where a young lawyer called Rachel Gold may hold key information. As the men race to crack the Sirena puzzle, their quest will transform their lives in unexpected ways."

                          ♚My Thoughts♚

In Sirena Quest we meet Sirena. She vanishes in 1959. As the story goes on we meet four roommates who attended Barrett College and later they reunite in 1994 where a big challenge awaits them.

Now Kahn can vividly describe any story. He just captures the readers attention and goes so in depth with the story. The characters were perfectly place I cannot pick a favourite.

It was such a great mystery to figure out while you read because it just jumps out at you. I feel as if this story deserves more than rating its getting. Kahn will capture your attention and will make you want more.

When I first read the story it started of a little slow, but as the story progresses how can you stop reading. There were sometimes I felt as if the chapter (s) was slow and no getting anywhere, but it turned out for the best. 

I really enjoyed this book, and I think you will to. Its a great mystery to read on a lazy day in bed. Jump into this wonderful mystery book and figure out who and where is Sirena. Where is she? Where did she go? Read and analyze the story for yourself.


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