Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Book Review: The Wolf and the Lamb: A Jerusalem Mystery by Frederick Ramsay

Title: The Wolf and The Lamb 
Author:Frederick Ramsay 
Year: © 2014
My Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥
Pages: 298
Genre: Mystery 
Format: ARC; Paperback 
Sources: Publishers 
Publishers: Poisoned Pen Press 
ISBN 13: 9781464203282
Price: $24.99


              ♕The Wolf and the Lamb♕

It’s Passover. Gamaliel, and his physician friend, Loukas, are crime-solving a third time—reluctantly. Pontius Pilate has been accused of murder. He denies the crime. If convicted, he might escape death but would be removed from Judea. Those rejoicing urge the Rabban to mind his own business. But Gamaliel is a Just Man which is, as Pilate points out, “your weakness and also your strength.” 

Knowing that exonerating the Roman could cost him his position, possibly his life, Gamaliel, as would Sherlock Holmes centuries later, examines evidence and sorts through tangled threads, teasing out suspects who include assassins, Roman nobles, Pilate’s wife, rogue legionnaires, slaves, servants, thespians, and a race horse named Pegasus. Unusually, justice triumphs over enmity. Gamaliel is satisfied, High Priest Caiphas is irate, Loukas accepts an apprentice from Tarsus, and few notice the events of what will later be known as Easter.

Ramsay’s plausible narrative answers some questions which have puzzled Biblical scholars for centuries. Why did Pilate hear the case against Jesus? Why invent a tradition that required one prisoner be released at Passover? Having done so, why offer the most terrifying criminal in the country, Barabbas, as the substitute for Jesus when two better, less dangerous prisoners were at hand? And we ask, why could Caiphas not heed Gamaliel’s warnings not to martyr the man?

                    ♕My Thoughts♕

In, The Wolf and the Lamb we meet Gamaliel and Loukas which are crime solvers. Then Pontius is accused of murder but he denies the whole thing. Gamaliel who is described as Sherlock Holmes begins to examine the evidence and also investigates what is going on.The cover is so beautiful I would like to have it dearly in my position. It just has so much meaning to what it is that I really ed mire it. I was very impress with Ramsay's book. I thought it was well thought of and now I am obsessed. This was a great mystery series that made my 2015 year great.

Ramsay has a way with words and will make the reader ask for more. I thought his writing style was impeccable that I have to rave about this goodness that was presented my way. I enjoyed myself as you can see, and I should fan girl to much. It was just so hard to put down and my imagination really got the best of me. I highly recommend this book, author, series to you because you will not be disappointed in this talented author. 

                 ♕Frederick Ramsay♕

Dr. Frederick Ramsay was born in Baltimore, the son of a respected teacher researcher and scientist. He graduated from Washington and Lee University in Virginia and received his doctorate from the University of Illinois. After a stint in the Army, he joined the faculty of the University of Maryland, School of Medicine, where he taught Anatomy, Embryology and Histology; engaged in research and served as an Associate Dean. During this time he also pursued studies in theology and in 1971 was ordained an Episcopal priest.

Leaving academia, he tried his hand at a variety of vocations. At one time or another, he served as a Vice President for Public Affairs, worked as an insurance salesman, a tow man and line supervisor at Baltimore’s BWI airport, a community college instructor, and substitute. Finally, he accepted a full time position as a clergyman.

He is now retired from full-time ministry and writes fiction.

Dr. Ramsay is the author of several scientific and general articles, tracts, theses, and co-author of The Baltimore Declaration. He is an iconographer, an accomplished public speaker and once hosted a television spot, Prognosis, on the evening news for WMAR-TV, Baltimore. He currently lives in Surprise, Arizona with his wife and partner, Susan.


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