Thursday, March 19, 2015

Book Review: Nantucket Five-spot: A Henry Kennis Mystery (Henry Kennis Mysteries) by Steven Axelrod

Year: © 2014 
My Rating:⚡⚡⚡⚡/5 
Genre: Mystery 
Format: ARC; Paperback
Sources: Publishers 
Publishers: Poisoned Pen Press 

Henry Kennis, Nantucket island’s poetry-writing police chief who will remind readers of Robert B. Parker’s Jesse Stone and Spenser, works a second challenging case in Nantucket Five-spot.
At the height of the summer tourist season, a threat to bomb the annual Boston Pops Concert could destroy the island’s economy, along with its cachet as a safe, if mostly summer-time, haven for America’s ruling class. The threat of terrorism brings The Department of Homeland Security to the island, along with prospects for a rekindled love affair—Henry’s lost love works for the DHS now.
The “terrorism” aspects of the attack prove to be a red herring. The truth lies much closer to home. At first suspicion falls on local carpenter Billy Delavane, but Henry investigates the case and proves that Billy is being framed. Then it turns out that Henry’s new suspect is also being framed—for the bizarre and almost undetectable crime of framing someone else. Every piece of evidence works three ways in the investigation of a crime rooted in betrayed friendship, in˜ delity, and the quiet poisonous feuds of small town life. Henry traces the origin of the attacks back almost twenty years and uncovers an obsessive revenge conspiracy that he must unravel—now alone, discredited and on the run—before further disaster strikes.

                     My Thoughts

There was no surprise that I would love this book. I find Axelrod to be a great author that I can always read "A Henry Kennis Mystery" book and find something that i haven't seen in a book before that I like. I can honestly say this has been in of the best reads of mystery I hnaveave read in a long time. Poisoned Pen never disappoints me in a great mystery I can recommended to my book club members. I loved the characters because of there wonderful witty personality that comes within. Axelrod is one if my favorite author and I can always reach a chapter of the series to cheer me up. If you haven't read any of his book I recommend you do because he brought a new meaning to many mystery books. I was addicted to this book for several reason. One being because I liked the first book. Two being because it shocked me. Lastly three being, this author always surprise me by what mystery is going to happen when I turn the page. 



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