Friday, April 3, 2015

Blog Tour Book Review: Just Wanted Love: Recovery of a Codependent, Sex and Love by D.J. Burr

My Rating: 4\5 
Pages: 232 
Genre: Non-Fiction 
Format: Paperback 
Sources: Pump Up Your Books 
Publishers:Able Counseling Service 

D.J. Burr is a man on a mission; successful business owner, highly respected psychotherapist and survivor of a dysfunctional life. At a young age, all he wanted was to be loved, but instead found himself targeted by a sexual predator. D.J. slipped into a life of addiction and clawed his way through broken relationships and seedy sex clubs--looking for love in all the wrong places. D.J. will take readers on a roller coaster of emotions as he details his search for grace and love. 

                         My Thoughts 

Burr was amazing to open up and tell his own issues he felt with. Not a lot of people can come out and idmit there mistakes and ask for help to make sure you don't go down the wrong path. Reading his struggles that he went though it me thinking about my mistakes that I made and how I can ask or help even the simples of things and you should to. Don't be scared to admit that you have a problem ask for help no matter how embarrassed you might feel just know you can overcome those obstacles you faced with. Help others out there that might have the same or similar problems as you. It's okay because we all make mistakes or choices where not proud to admire, but at the end of the day you can say " yes I did it and I'm moving above and beyond what I did in the past". If you struggle with something in life and want to know how you can overcome and take the steps to recovery, then give this book a go. It opened my eyes to something deeper than what I thought. 

                           D.J. Burr

Darrett “D.J.” Burr is a licensed mental health counselor in the Washington State; national certified counselor and a specialist in problematic sexual behavior. He has been in private practice in Seattle, WA for five years. D.J. is the co-founder, owner, and Executive Director of A.B.L.E. Counseling Services, LLC.D.J. is the creator of ABLE Affirmations, ABLE Life Recovery, and the ABLE Care Clinic. D.J. published Unfinished: A GLBT Domestic Violence Workbook while completing his Masters in Community Counseling at Argosy University-Atlanta in 2009.Born in raised in Marietta, GA, D.J. has been known to many as a survivor. His childhood was less-than-nurturing. D.J. spent the majority of his early years tending to other’s needs and wants; not knowing what his were. He kept fighting for more–more understanding of himself.Unfortunately, D.J. lost focus after being targeted by a sexual predator. D.J. lapsed into addiction to numb the pain of the molestation, broken relationships, dysfunctional family of origin, and loss of his childhood. However, the addiction did not stop him.Over 15 years later, D.J. has learned to live life instead of surviving life. D.J. found answers to his long unanswered questions, primarily, who loves me? Twelve Step recovery and rigorous honesty saved D.J. from a life of addiction. He can now say, “I love myself.” Loving himself allowed D.J. to stop chasing unavailable people, places, and things. He now focuses on his recovery, which impacts every facet of his life.D.J. enjoys writing, watching movies, especially horror/suspense. His favorite band is Nickelback. His favorite R&B group is Destiny’s Child. D.J. is also a huge fan of old 80s-90s cartoons like Transformers.


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