Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blog Tour Book Review Queen of Sparta by T. S. Chaudhry

Title: The Queen of Sparta
Author: T.S. Chaudhry
Publisher: Top Hat Books
Pages: 383
Genre: Historical Fiction
Format: Paperback/Kindle

THE QUEEN OF SPARTA begins on the Banks of Indus, and takes the reader through time and space to Greece, Tuscany, Rome, and the Baltic coast of northern Europe and attempts to link some of the main cultures of that time period. "In the novel, I tried to present the conflict through the eyes of two protagonists," Chaudhry states. "The Greek viewpoint is presented through Queen Gorgo, and the opposing one is represented by Prince Sherzada, who becomes her prisoner. The whole story is also a deliberate attempt to confuse ‘the possession' of history because, actually, history belongs to all of us." THE QUEEN OF SPARTA informs the reader about the politics of ancient Greece in the 5th Century, B.C. and about Sparta, its people, and its culture; the book also describes what made the Spartans great while sharing the flaws and contradictions within their society. Chaudhry notes that "fiction is art immitating life. That is how I see the relationship between historical fiction and history. History has wonderful stories to tell. And it gets more wonderful the further in the past you go where evidence is sparse, but the realm of creativity is rich. I love to find out how things happened the way they did. Ancient history provides us with a rich variety of potential answers that are always fun to explore."

My Thoughts:

Looking for a captivating vividly imaginative book. Try Queen of Sparta. This book is a great historical book to snuggle up with and get deeply captivated you just cannot put it down. Now there were some pros and con's about the book that I must inform you on. The book did start off a little slow but don't worry it pulled through in the end. I haven't read a lot of historical fiction but this has been one of few that I have enjoyed reading. The plot was very captivating and just made me want to visit Greece and learn something new about a different culture. If you haven't read Chaudhry's work stop what your doing and give this book a go. I'm positive there won't be any disappointments and the only one you might face is that your sad you've reached the last page and want more from this book, author, and publishing group.

The Author:

 Cornell University, a master's degree from Harvard University, and a PhD from the University of Cambridge. Formerly a Pakistani diplomat, Chaudhry currently works for the United Nations on peace and security issues in Africa. THE QUEEN OF SPARTA is Chaudhry's first novel. He came up with the idea to write a story about Queen Gorgo being the architect of the Greek resistance against the Persian invasion while reading Herodotus for his A-Level examination in England several decades ago. "As a lover of history, or a ‘history-buff,' I have always enjoyed reading both fiction and nonfiction about this period." Chaudhry is currently working on a "prequel" to THE QUEEN OF SPARTA based on events leading up to the Battle of Marathon, called Fennel Field. 


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