Monday, April 20, 2015

Blog Tour Book Review: The Redeeming Power of Brain Surgery by Paul Flowers

Jesse Tieter, M.D. has carefully constructed the ideal life. But lately, neither his Chicago-based neurology practice nor his wife and son are enough to suppress the memories that have haunted him since he was a little boy. He can’t stop thinking about that summer day in 1967 when his father died. So Jesse is heading back. Back to the town and the place where a long-repressed horror occurred. Back to make sure his twin keeps the family’s secret buried. But what will he uncover along the way?

My Thoughts

Now when I say this is a captivating book, I kid you not. Going into this book I had high hopes and I'm please to say that the author didn't let me down. I was fully captivated and was looking for a great book to get me back into reading more. Jesse was a great character and I enjoyed him very much. I imagined myself in his shoes. I felt every emotion he felt and believe it over not I was scared for Jesse to relive an even just like that. If you haven't read any of Flowers books, try this one. No disappointment found by this reader at all. Great book to enjoy and dive right into, which is like a mix with 1000 Ways To Die and a scary movie.

The Author

Paul Flower is an author, advertising copywriter/creative director and a journalist.
He has written and produced award-winning advertising for print, radio, television, outdoor, the Web––really, just about every medium––for business-to-consumer and business-to-business accounts.
His news features have appeared in regional and national magazines. His first novel, “The Redeeming Power of Brain Surgery,” was published in June 2013 by Scribe Publishing. Visit Paul’s website at

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