Thursday, April 23, 2015

Book Review: South of Rising Sun by D. J. McCall

In a Legendary, Forgotten Town, Destiny Awaits . . .

U.S. Marshal Alistair Taggart has spent almost seven years protecting the citizens of Bleeding Kansas from the lawlessness surrounding its push to achieve statehood. Now, Kansas has entered the Union as a free state, but the violence threatens to continue when the Civil War erupts only three months later.

During one of Taggart's regular visits to the former Kansas territorial capital of Lecompton, local rancher James Harper enlists the marshal's help to catch the cattle rustlers intent on stealing his livelihood. But Kansas is just beginning its reign as the wildest state in the Union, and Taggart must also deal with Jayhawkers, highwaymen, unpredictable weather, and those hell-bent on revenge. Taggart finds his job further complicated by a runaway slave and animals gone delinquent, along with his own concerns that age may finally be catching up with him.

Solving the case will prove harder than Taggart ever imagined, and its resolution will cost him dearly. Sometimes, justice only comes with a price...

My Thoughts:

Looking for a Western book to read, try this book by J. D. McCall, because it opened my eyes into a world that I didn't know could be so captivating. At first the plot kind of confused me because I didn't know what to expect or how to react? But trust me McCall knows what he's doing and didn't disipont me. Reading the book, I felt like I was with the characters and well and it was so imaginative. There's so much I want to spoil but I'll contain it for you. Get this book and have a blast reading again and open up to a wider range of genres that you thought wasn't for you, well I have news for you think again. Now I will sat when I was reading the book, it did take a while for me to be fully into the book and I didn't give up, it was so good I had to try my best not to finish the book and let it all be over before I knew it. At last I had to or else this review would be possible. It not only has a stunning cover but has a great confusing mind blowing plot. 

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