Tuesday, June 30, 2015

E.V. & Rome by Giorgina Liguori

liguori release
Finally! A book for and about REAL Teenagers – how they speak, how they think, how they feel, and what they want.
ISBN: 9780692238967
Publisher: Liguori
Publish date: May 2014
Page count: 330
Price: $17.97
Fort Lauderdale, FL - Author Giorgina Liguori has recently released her YA romance novel, E.V. & Rome. Ms. Liguori, a therapist and certified guidance counselor, describes this novel as “a love offering to all the teens I’ve worked with”.
This is a book about real teenagers, how they speak, what they feel, how they live. E.V. is privileged and unhappy. Rome is poor and angry. The lessons they learn about drugs and sex, about truth and lies, and, most importantly, about how where we come from does not mean that is who we are or what we have to be. One can indeed "re-write your life" and E.V. and Rome do just that.
This is a wonderful romance, with a Romeo and Juliet theme, but included are all the trials and tribulations that modern teens face each day. All the stories are true, from difficulties with bipolar parents, to drug overdoses, to the terrible pervasive feeling of never being listened to or understood. There is a great deal of humor among the drama, and there is also hope. They are so much smarter and wiser than most adults give them credit for. And as usual: Love does conquer all.
My Thoughts:
Like the blurp says finally. I must say this is a great cover. This book put me in a mood for some romance and drama and that's just what I got. The author delivered through and there wasn't a moment I wasn't satisfied. I had such a great time with the characters I felt like I was apart of the book. The font was beautiful and so was the writing. The book and the author had me quench for more and  E.V. and Rome was all that I could think about. I was pretty excited that I got this book but first I knew that I had to read some books of my TBR so I could read straight through the book with no guilt. The romance was more than wonderful, I could relate to it in so many ways possible. I am not a huge fan of Shakespeare but this got me into it and Ms. Liguori has me on a spree of wanted more romance in my life of reading habbits.   
About the author: 
Giorgina Liguori is a counselor with two graduate degrees in psychology and a professional writer for television, newspapers and magazines. Liguori raised her own beautiful (now) young adults. She is a born and bred New York City girl, but has lived in Italy, Morocco, and the furthest place on Earth for a New Yorker: the mountains of North Carolina. She now resides in Florida, but goes “home” as often as possible to New York.


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