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Saving Mim: Charlie Kadabra Last of the Magicians by Nan McAdam

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Author Nan McAdam Announces The Release of Her MG/Teen Novel, Charlie Kadabra, Last of the Magicians - Saving Mim
ISBN: 978-0989774413
Publisher: Abondante Media
Date of publish: February 2015
Pages: 208
S.R.P.: $10.99
Des Moines, IA – Charlie Kadabra, Saving Mimwill begin a series of action/fantasy books for ages ten and up, by Nan McAdam.
The first book in the series, Saving Mim, tells the story of Charlie Kadabra, abandoned as a baby in another world, without magic. He discovers he’s the last of a breed of magicians who were guardians of his native world called Mim. All the magicians are gone, killed by the evil Dr. Pi, who wants to destroy Mim and all the magic, and rule the new World of Chaos.
The book is filled with magical, delightful characters; dragons, fairies, a white rabbit, mermaids and mermen, and magical jewels that have special powers only Charlie can use to save Mim. You’ll find yourself routing and cheering for Charlie, and clapping your hands when he finds ways to annoy and destroy the evil Dr. Pi.
James B. Hoke, author of The Ark Brothers says “The story of Charlie Kadabra is an explosive tale of excitement and intrigue that finds new and creative ways to tie in old fantasy myths and creatures to our simple, mundane world."
“I believe many children live with a lack of self-confidence like Charlie”, stated McAdam. “It can be from bullying, abandonment issues, or many other childhood challenges. It comes from being a kid. Many times, in our culture today, we don’t teach children or reward them for learning to deal with their “own stuff”. Children want someone to believe and nurture them and teach them tools to cope.”

My Thoughts:

Saving Mim was a great middle grade read for me. I had some much fun putting myself in the perspective of a child. I felt free to make any mistake I could. Magic is one of my favorite topic's to read about, so I knew that I would be hooked. it kind of remained me of Harry Potter with the similar qualities that was being portrayed. A part of me didn't mind and then another part did. The characters were all so playful and so enjoyable. I had a blast reading it to my younger sister who was 5 and she could not stop asking me to read more to her. McAdam's can capture readers from all ages and sizes to her great m/g book that I was shocked I found myself turning the pages so fast to see what might happen next or what might change. I cannot wait to read more books from this series's and even by the author. You have a such a great talent and I cannot wait to see where the future hold for you Ms. McAdam. 

About the author: 
As an author of two blogs, Nan McAdam has passed her knowledge of leadership, parenting, and how to live a more enriched life to the readers of her blog. She has been published 78 times in numerous publications.Nan has spent over 15 years caring for elderly loved ones. Surviving the STRESS of Your Parents’ Old Age, was published in 2013. It is a non-fiction book born from Nan’s experience as a caregiver. 2015 is the year that Nan’s first children’s book will be published. It is a middle grade fantasy adventure for ages 10 and up. Charlie Kadabra, Last of the Magicians will begin a series with the first book, Saving Mim.


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